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What kind of environment does Valve employees work? Delivering a tour in the head office with a full -scale ATLAS and Marenia [Local Repo] [Update]

The other day, the GAME SPARK editorial department was invited to the head office in Valve Corporation headquarters in Belvue, Washington, USA. STEAM DECK * Interviews with developers were conducted, but this article delivered the Valve headquarters tour. A lot of spectacles spread there, from surprising to things that were irresistible for fans. Reception hall Around President's Office Open space Hardware production site What is the office that develops Steam, which gathers more than 30,000 games VALVE Headquarters is a world like a toy box for large children What is the office that develops Steam, which gathers more than 30,000 games This time, we had VALVE's kindness and show various places. Although some were photography NG, I was able to see the center of the development site and spend a very interesting time. Reception hall First, the reception hall. After all VALVE is a valve that is also a company name. Many people remember the image of a person with a valve on

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