The Fnatic Debacle in LEC: What Team Vitality, Heretics, and Fnatic's Former Coach Think About Eros' Comments On Worlds 2022 and the Signing Market

Fanatic's last six months have been a real Russian mountain. One of the most successful organizations in the European history of eSports and League of Legends is going through one of its worst moments at the sports level. After staying out of the LEC playoffs, the off season has been very complicated and with many unknowns and exits, Fanatic seems to have found his team for the Spring. Next, we recapitulate the reactions of Janos, Perez and Yamato to what is commented on in the Dipsomaniac and summarized in a post on Reddit. Here we leave you the program and the minute in which they begin to talk about the subject, in case you want to see it with all the calm and tranquility of the world.

Janos Worships Fanatic's drama and Perez strongly criticizes Dario

To divide the news into two, we talk first about the two players who have opined on the subject, Perez and Janos. The Croatian player, criticized Dario, director of League of Legends in Fanatic in his stream. He considers that such a person cannot be in that position after being previously in H2K and origin, two organizations that have collapsed and that something similar is happening in Fanatic. For his part, Janos described this situation as if it were a series: Oh my God, it is a good drama. I love it. I feel as if I was seeing a series that is full of emotion. You do not know what will happen later, but You know that it will be fat finally, he concluded with a FANATIC... never disappointed to entertain us in relation to all these months in which there are several problems in the organization. The Polish sent a message of support to Flanked, once he read that Fanatic's decision was to stay Reckless above Spanish. Janos has a very good relationship with 'El Eton' and believes that a team of LEC soon deserves because it has a high level and potential within the invoked crack.

Yamato denies part of the information given by Eros

Yamato also spoke of Fanatic's situation and told first person as he lived part of these changes. Up we leave the video of more than 10 minutes in which he talks about everything that happened. If you do not know English, we will try to summarize the most outstanding of what Fanatic's former coach commented on which he denies Eros, in Before entering the statements itself. Palatal, Upset's wife spoke in the eSportmaniac chat saying the following: I am very curious to know Eros sources regarding Upset information, since much of what he says is pure misinformation. First, he denied that Under and Humanoid wanted the Bot Lane outside the team. In this regard, the British organization forced Yamato to Bunchier to Hissing to put Chuck as a starter after his good performance in Worlds. When refusing to sit for veteran support Bulgar, he also took the option to get out of the organization. He also commented that Toscanini did not destroy the Tryouts because at that time they can be done because all ERA players are still in their leagues and there are few free players at the moment, and that there is very little margin of changes, since there are Very few players in the market being competing in their corresponding teams and leagues. The coach, who is currently free, would have contacted several organizations, including Fanatic. The British team already knows the conditions that Yamato has put, and when it is not fulfilled, the agreement to return to there does not seem close to producing. Finally, and despite the fact that its equip is going through a delicate situation, it is confident that the organization demonstrates its potential and resurge as organization and structure.


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