Tekken 8: Jin Kazama Returns with Unreal Engine 5 Power - Get Ready for an Epic Iron Fist!


After Nina Williams and Kahuna Minima, the new focus for Taken 8 is concentrated on the character of Jin Mazama, who returns even more BG than ever before many thanks to the Unreal Engine 5. In the center of a time-void of his tourists, our competitor chains the Iron Clenched fist on his bad dad who does not seem also able to withstand him.

It has to be claimed that Jin does not think twice to call on his demonic gene to take control of, while rotating with a couple of well-felt kicks, even if the kicks are not actually his specialized. Once more, with this brand-new gameplay trailer, this is a chance to see just how the Unreal Engine 5 supplies an impressive visual rendering, with an imposing design of the characters. Taken 8, on the various other hand, still has no launch date, yet we know that it is peaked on PC, PS5 and also Xbox Collection.


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