Octopath Traveler 2: All Secondary Work Licenses & Guild Locations

In Sociopath Tourist 2 there are 8 personalities for which you can play.


Everyone works that gives special skills and figures out the design of play. Nonetheless, you can offer each personality with an additional occupation by broadening his skills. But initially you will require to find these tasks, which might make you believe concerning where to open all additional jobs in Sociopath Tourist.

where to locate all second tasks in Sociopath Traveler 2

Small jobs in Sociopath Vacationer 2 are essential for boosting your group and establishing the most effective technique. Each personality can outfit a second career to develop a special combo, but initially you must locate a guild of professions in order to get a certificate for an occupation. Below's just how to discover all additional tasks in Sociopath Traveler 2.


  • Harbor lands
  • Conning howl Go to the southeastern component of Conning Crick. Go into a tiny residence, and you will certainly locate a guild of pharmacists.


  • Cross lands
  • Border Go to the northern component of this area to find the clergy field.

Cross the bridge as well as enter the church.

area of the guild of professional dancers

  • Leafy lands
  • Well grow Go to the north part of Well grove. Increase the staircases, and also you will certainly discover the guild of dancers.

Place of the Hunters Guild

  • Yokohama
  • Western traverse troops. Visit from the eastern side where the watercraft is moored to Yokohama. Go eastern, and also you will certainly see a fire with several hunters in the facility of this area. This is a guild of seekers.

location of the trading guild

  • Wild land
  • Western Cartridge Wilde's Go to the northern component of Western Crack ridge Wilds. Reach the top of the high cliff to locate a trading guild.

Area of the Guild of Scientists

  • Wintertime lands
  • Western snow in wintertime flowering Stand up to the northern component of this location. Get in the structure upstairs to discover the guild of scientists.

area of the burglars' guild

  • Bright lands
  • Bank of the watch You can find a guild of thieves in the industrial park of Clock bank. Go to the western component during the night as well as locate a little entrance behind packages.

Area of the Guild of Warriors

  • Hinted
  • SAI You can locate a guild of warriors in Dodo. It is located in the rear of the SAI. To obtain additional info about Sociopath Tourist, read all the side missions at Sociopath Tourist 2 and also where to discover them, in addition to with the very best developments of commands in Sociopath Tourist 2 in the game overview for professionals.


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