Warframe: How To Farm Dual-Stat Elemental Mods For The Perfect Weapon Builds

The dual-stat primary mods are quite effective when it concerns refining weapon builds. You not just receive a component type that is contributed to your weapon, however also increase the status of statement. They are best for hybrid CRT and status builds or total status develops. In Warframe, Toxin tends to be the better aspect to mix it with others. Here you can find out how to farm for malignant force.

how to use malignant forces in Warframe Farm

This is the rifle version of the toxin dual-stat-mods, but it is likewise found in the same victim pool as toxic barrage, virulent scourge and handgun plague. Fortunately, the only source of this mod is the defeat of Corrupted in the Void. Nevertheless, you must keep in mind that this version can just be found in this sector in higher-level missions.


From level 40 missions and higher he appears. You can discover it as follows on regular star cards nodes: Ten (mobile defense).

  • Marduk (sabotage).
  • Mithra (obstruct).
  • Against (survival). So among the toxin mods drops you have an opportunity of 1 to 4 to get this special. It is best to go to Ate nor Mot if you want to accelerate the farming procedure. Get rid of from the missions as soon as possible after you have beat him so that you can try your luck again in another effort. You can go to the Trade Chat and ask for it if you want to have the mod even much faster. The cost of the mod is usually between 5 and 15 platinum. It is on the cheaper side compared to other primary dual-stat mods. If you lack platinum funds, you can either purchase something in the shop of your platform or try to exchange other valuable products to gamers. With your brand-new deadly Force-Mod you can now hit him on some of the very best weapons of the game and devastate all of your enemies! War frames can be played complimentary of charge on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Change and PC.
  • This post was updated on February 1, 2023.


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