Test Your Skills with Hogwarts Legacy: A Comprehensive Harry Potter Review

For me, Hogwarts Legacy was among the most intricate tests of recent times. Not always due to the fact that of the game-that's actually excellent with a couple of restrictions, as you can check out in my test. No, it is the accompanying situations that have made the evaluation of this open world adventure a problematic matter.

the J.K. Rowling issue

boycott as a service?

Appropriately, prior to the release of Hogwarts Legacy, affected members of the LGBTQ+community and trans-right activists were openly phoned to the boycott of the video game. According to the designer Avalanche software application, Joanne K. Rowling has never ever belonged to the development, however still is worthy of with every aspect of the Warding World, that includes all computer game adjustments of the magician world. And: Rowling uses her cash for your opinion. One could quickly argue here that a couple of million more or less make no distinction. The author is a practically billionaire. Without the revenue of Hogwarts Tradition.

Even if I believe some attacks, for example the recent accusations versus Growth, to be too blindly: I can consider the sometimes extremely psychological reaction of those impacted. With her public declarations, Rowling handled to make the Harry Potter brand name more and more a banner of the enemy of trans. All the opposite declarations by the actors, production companies and developers can barely do anything against this, very loud voice. I comprehend that trans people feel betrayed by prospective supporters if they still want to dive into the virtual world of Hogwarts. And I can totally understand that the release of this video game should a minimum of be utilized to create more attention for the still incredibly marginalized trans community.

For me, the core of the issue is how to handle the separation of author and work. Due to the fact that if you didn't discover it: A couple of years ago, Harry Potter creator Joanne K. Rowling turned totally incorrect somewhere. What was just worthy of criticism of trans people who appropriately produced tough counter responses has now ended up being difficult advocacy versus trans people. With its publications and active support, Rowling even has indirect and direct influence on politics in the USA and in their homeland Scotland, where their gigantic Harry Potter war treasure provides corresponding support for their anti-trans-activism.

I would like to replicate your tweets at this point-but in my eyes, her attitude towards trans individuals is moving closer to misanthropy. This represents the whole camp of the so-called TERMS (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists), who believe on the right side and the characters in Germany with popular personalities such as the EMMA editor Alice Schweitzer also places against equality of trans individuals, specifically trans ladies, relate.

How did we handle it in the test?

In the case of Hogwarts Legacy, my response is: not at all. The world of magicians in the 19th century is incredibly inclusive-regardless of whether it is about gender, ethnic culture or sexual preference. I think that's excellent, because it exists extremely calmly. The world is simply regular, with its lesbian witches, top trainees from Zimbabwe and the trans woman who serves me in the magician pub 3 brooms. One may argue what pure virtue signaling (i.e. the adjustment of consolidate morality) and what is genuine issue, however the result remains splendidly varied. I get the feeling that Avalanche wished to set at least a small sign here.

Simply put: there is no problem in the game itself. So you will not discover any criticism in the text.

Before the test, the question developed: what to do? As a video game editor, we have always had to do with troublesome developer personalities in the past, however still evaluated their video games no matter it.


Regardless of whether it was Kingdom Come: Deliverance or Ancestors Legacy. Our property was constantly: the game. Unlike books, music and even films, the majority of video games are considerably even more away from their creator-especially if as large groups as at Hogwarts Legacy are entrusted with the advancement. In addition, there will constantly be intolerant and constantly misanthropic views in alike big groups of individuals. The question that develops mainly is: How does this mindset affect a video game?

What can you do?

But is that a factor not to purchase or play Hogwarts Legacy? In the end you have to decide that yourself. I personally do not think that the fun of an incredibly harmless video game makes someone a trans opponent or individuals should be verbally dealt with or perhaps threatened who simply take pleasure in the video game. Nevertheless, attention is very important for the subject. It is and stays pertinent to verbally oppose intolerant misanthropy on the Internet. A minimum of listens to impacted individuals and accepts that their emotions stand. It is best to talk. And perhaps in addition to the 70 euros for the video game, there is also a little money left for a donation that will benefit a trans-right organization.

Nevertheless, the Rowling problem can not be totally clean away in my opinion. I think that everybody who buys Hogwarts Tradition must a minimum of be clear about what the Potter author does in her comprehensive spare time. That she utilizes her money for her activism. And that their actions hurt trans people directly.


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