Review of 'Hogwarts Legacy' on PS5: A Magical Journey Through the Wizarding World

Just over a couple of weeks ago, I started my studies in Hogwarts. The first notes were mostly quite eager, but there were also topics of the nailing. Now the trip is finally in the jar and the wizard's summer holidays are waiting. What was finally left in the hand? In Hogwarts Legacy's first fiction, I admired the magnificent beautiful and detailed world and a satisfactory battle, and did not really arouse the subject of blame as a few bugs, an indifferent story and mostly woody characters. Now that the adventure is over, it is time to complete the term Potter to quote at the end of the viscus V.I.P. (in English O.W.L.). Did the academic year from start to finish?

Studies are not the salt of warding?

Initially, a couple of things that have not been said in the first fiction will have to be mentioned in the rooms. Unfortunately, choosing a sorting hat doesn't matter much, as Avatar made by the player meets the same characters, regardless of the living room, albeit in slightly different order. The side tasks are practically the same, so the only more concrete differences can be found in the look of the living room. Yeah, and of course, the identity of cigarette rubber in the shoulder and corridors is different. Almost endless Nick ready for action. Otherwise, schooling plays a surprisingly small role in Hogwarts Legacy, as after the first few hours, you will no longer learn the secrets of astrology, a broom flying and miracles. All in all, each subject has only 2-3 lessons, so they are quite rare in the rhythm. Thus, the student's everyday life in the game is not at least not fully in the game, but the emphasis is on relationships and researching the main and side plots. So, in many ways, I was truly surprised at how big the role of discussions plays in Hogwarts Legacy, taking into account the slight impact of interaction. I would argue that at some point there has been a development of some sort of moral system in the work, as Avatar can respond in each conversation either encouraging or selfishly. Now, the choices have virtually no consequences in one direction or another, and even learning the bones of the bosses does not get some or friends to wake up their fingers, which is a bit strange. This pond looks familiar.

because my mentor said, so

The story takes some more rounds after the start, and especially the last moments are quite memorable.

During the adventure, many people and creatures are encountered, but unfortunately none of them comes to mind. Only Avatar's mentor, professor Fig, magic drink master Aesop Sharp and Boohoos, Sebastian Sallow, are a bit more personal, and the Sallow family is anyway by throwing the most interesting side of the side tasks. Rector Black, played by Simon Egg, just blinks a few times on the screen, which is a bit disappointing. A small minus also snaps from the insane amount of loot, which can be continuously sold to nearby merchants and in some places from a heavy interface. Sometimes it is difficult to hit the right icon in the map view, as hotspots for quick travel and tasks are sometimes strangely overlapping like ants in a can, and there may be some finger-to-go with spells. The character's ability tree, on the other hand, is very logical, so there is no complaining about role-playing elements. Fortunately, beauty errors are not very big. Here's a magic drink. Despite the thin plot and a little squeak, playing Hogwarts Legacy is really meaningful, as besides the actual adventure, hustling with miracles, flying on a broom and making magic wand are every extremely nice. There is plenty of side-by-side technology, the most fun example of which is Merlins Trial's nuts, where you can sometimes use it seriously. Although Hogwarts with its surroundings is a gigantic place and full of details, I did not become a traditional open world, because everything seems unique. Audiovisual implementation is also unmatched, as both sound effects and soundtrack successfully adapt to the sound landscape of the films. The composer team includes Peter Murray, J. Scott Reiko and Chuck Myers, supported by Alexander Horowitz. Soon we will learn how to fly on the broom. Unfortunately, you can't play Hogwarts Legacy.

The Wizard's Council meets

So Hogwarts Legacy is a great work overall, and it was great to see how well the Avalanche Software, which developed Cars Infinity, managed to bring the iconic wizard world to the screen. Unfortunately, here, in the end, you have to bring that famous cat to the table, as Hogwarts Legacy can't talk about Harry Potter's mother or J.K. Rowling and his background noise.

Many are certainly very clear about the confusion of a British writer. Without going too much in detail, the console fin also knows the political vortex of the Hogwarts Legacy about Rowling's direct transgender. The lady has been able to have many questionable comments over the years, and anger is not limited to speech alone. For example, last year, in Britain, he decided to finance personally and even with great pride in sexual and gender minority political activities. Miracles can be fed and brushed. Publisher Warner Bros. And the Avalanche Software, who was developed as a developer, has wanted to make a clear nesting writer for quite understandable reasons, and Rowling has not participated in the game itself in any way. However, his reputation and influence will forever haunt the Harry Potter mythology, and the fact cannot be denied that some percentage of every copy of the purchased would go to the pocket of an angry pace. Should this product be boycotted then? Some think the answer is obvious, in my opinion, not so much. If you do not buy the work, you will not provide your support for developers who have been raging for the project for years.


If, on the other hand, you buy it, you kind of finance deeds and activities that should not have any foothold in today's society. On the other hand, there would be no spacious in the cigar Rowling purse, even if he would not get Late's Late royalties from Hogwarts' legacy. Points worth considering, which cannot be underestimated, so in this case, the purchase decision has to be considered much more than normal. However, it must be noted that the decision will not, at least not to the quality of the product. Hogwarts Legacy is guaranteed to be the best Hogwarts adventure that has ever been obtained up to the stores.


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