Realistic Horror VR Game Chosun Zombie Defense Launches on Steam February 10 by Geni Soft

Gene Soft, a domestic developer, delivered the launch of Steam of Chosen Zombies VR. 'Chosen Zombie Pence VR' is available on both platforms on the official release of the Steam on February 10 this year since its launch of the Meta App Lab Store last year.

Stage-type zombie defense game 'Chosen Zombie Fence VR' is set in the background of Chosen Waldo, as the name suggests.

Players can feel deep immersion by using their own weapons of the Jose on Dynasty. It is also attractive to meet various Korean zombie characters that are not seen in existing VR content.

In particular, the stage that was updated with the launch of the steam, a shaman zombie character appeared in the background of a shaman house in Korea, and you can experience the eerie of the Korean-style horror game.


Venison participated in the 2023 Taipei Game Show in Taiwan in February this year with the support of the Korea Game Industry Association and NC soft.

In this exhibition, Venison shows its own technology capabilities and is also looking for globalization of K-content games.

In response, Kim Doyen said, We are trying to create an excellent game that adds the power of the development and the power of K-content. I want to be.


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