Londoners Baffled By Leviathan Ax: Could God Of War Ragnarök Be On The Way?

God of War Ragnarök, the last work of the legendary franchise of Santa Monica Studios, was commented when it was released. At the end of 2022, the game played alongside the industry giants for the game title of the year… unfortunately did not win. Nonetheless, many other awards, such as best narrative, have been granted to him at the Awards 2022 game. Production is a true success that still dominates most stops around the world. But while many fans of Rates adventures ended up Ragnarök, they now eagerly await the arrival of a possible DLC.


Would we have a track in London, England?

A mysterious object appeared in downtown London

It was during the Live From PS5 event that Sony teams installed this giant leviathan ax in downtown London. The passers-by were surprised to see the gun stuck on the floor, surrounded by police ribbons and mysterious vans. One thing is certain, PlayStation has not saved in the media for this great event.

The Rates Ax is super detailed and even seems to shine in some places. The replica is so perfect that you almost believe that the weapon is really planted there. Finally, all the elements that suggest a crime scene give a dose of realism to the decoration.

A great ad coming?

Although this Leviathan Ax was placed for Live from PS5, many fans began to speculate. According to them, the budget for this staging would be too high to be just part of the PlayStation show. There would be more... Rates' weapon would be a teaser for something bigger. Of course, the players thought of a DLC ad. However, the game came out just three months ago, and it is unlikely that a DLC see daylight anytime soon. After all, some users argue that a Santa Monica Studios announcement could be in the plans, without this additional content coming up anytime soon, that is, just confirming that something is in production. All these theories have not yet been confirmed by Sony. Although speculation is abundant, it is highly likely that the company has done it only for Live from PS5 and nothing more. Time will tell...


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