Goku to Face Zeno Sama in the Dragon Ball Manga Universe

As already known, there are currently two Dragon Ball Super sleeves, the first is one that is approved by Akira Oriya himself in terms of history issues. And the second, Super Dragon Ball Heroes, is one that has alternate stories, where all kinds of transformations appear, including those that come from the GT saga.


In the recent episode, Roku faced the newly crowned Kai of time, Amos. The supreme Kai of time had organized a special series of battles known as the super space-time tournament and was on a secret mission to eliminate all the lower timelines, Roku went to Amos and challenged her for the good of Any other existing timeline, getting a victory at the end. After all the distribution of blows, it was revealed that Amos did not really want to eliminate all the lines just because it is, it is a mission in charge of the same god of the universe, and that same is Zeno Samey. That has led readers to think that the Taiwan must eventually fight with the child to make him come into reason. That means that the character must literally face the creator of the entire universe, he has even been able to use his powers by destroying the universe in which the villain Amass inhabited. Even so, they are speculation that followers can do, after all Roku and Zeno are friends, so they could reach a type of agreement. Remember that Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultra God Mission is still in circulation. Via: Screen rant Editor's note: Really something a bit lost with the alternate universes of Dragon Ball. But many knows who Zeno is, and riding a battle against him should not be easy. We will see what holds the protagonist.


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