Document the Present: Collect Memories of the World's Big Change with Steam & PlayStation

The world is dealing with a big change-and that really soon. To gather memories of today, you swing on the bike and record it in your diary for posterity. What will stay? What information will you hang on? That's what it's about in Season: A Letter to the Future. At this moment we would like to express a trigger alerting to Season: A Letter to the future. War is a repeating subject in the video game.

Season: A Letter to the Future is a game for sentimental explorers

With Season: A Letter to the Future awaits you an incredibly climatic, slowing down and at the very same time exciting game that awakens your urge to explore. The excellent piece was released on January 31, 2023, for Steam, PS4 and PS5-if you have one of these platforms, a take a look at the insider tip could be beneficial. Above all, creative minds, everybody who is trying to find some relaxation, along with fans of the quieter locations of a Life is Strange, get their cash's worth here. Have a look at the trailer for Season: A Letter to the Future: As currently cut, Season: A Letter to the Future is about the modification in the so-called season, an age, simply imminent. At the beginning, neither protagonist Estelle, nor her town, which she leaves for the very first time at the start of the story. One thing is certain: the world must alter basically. Estelle's task in the entire is to document the present world.

On your journey you will discover a little more about the background of modification and the world, where something is rarely presented as a fact-you are primarily based on your own discoveries and analyses and can make your own judgment.

gameplay: in between the bike trip and diary doodled

Season: A Letter to the Future is a third-person experience that concentrates on checking out the detailed and beautiful world. At the start of your experience, you simply cycle from one location to the next and learn more about the simple features of the video game. The rest of the video game invests her in a demolished location that is quite large and can be explored freely. On your journey you examine individual products, take up noises and take photos of everything that catches your eye. Estelle then often offers you more info or expresses your own thoughts about the newly recorded pictures in your video camera. It is crucial to enter your impressions in a notebook. You can put Estelle's illustrations, your images, tape-recorded sounds, information texts and ideas, gathered objects, such as postcards and stamps, and unlockable sticker labels. In doing so, you can choose which of the many impressions are very important to you or worth securing enough. You currently notice: There is a lot to hold and collect on. The world has plenty of fantastic sights and attention to detail. The lovely CEL Shading appearance and the grand noise style also add to a relaxed and magical atmosphere-while better moving from the end bring the oppressive sensation of transience.

2 little criticisms

Season: A letter to the future is among these games that are already outright expert ideas at the release. Despite the numerous favorable words, there are likewise a few smaller sized criticisms of the video game. The change from linear sections to the Open World ought to be a matter of taste.


In the Open World, too, you could in theory strictly drive through A to B. If you try to discover all tricks to fill the note pad entirely, you have to cycle back to the start of the area in some locations. In addition, there would be the few characters in the game. Some of these are sometimes really exaggerated, actually more caricatures of individuals who might exist in reality. Others appear a lot more reasonable. On the one hand, this may be because of the character develops that take some getting used to, however on the other hand, also on the voice acting, which varies greatly from each other in the characters. That might tear some gamers out of the immersion. Incidentally, there is just English voice acting, however likewise German texts. None of that should avoid you from taking a better take a look at the game. Season: A Letter to the Future has a lot to provide with its practically 10 hours-both in regard to material and emotional. Season: A Letter to the future is available on Steam for the PC and in the PlayStation Store for PS4 and PS5.


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