Complete Guide to Dromund Kaas Datacron Locations in SWTOR - Find Every Codex Lore Achievement!

Dacrons are hidden collectible things in SW TOR that offer a permanent stat boost to every one of your characters within your Legacy on a server.

This guide goes over all the Dacrons that you can discover on earth Around Haas. Situated in the Seat of the Empire, Around Haas is the resources of the Sith Realm.

Around Haas is only available to the Realm faction. Republic gamers will certainly not have access to these Dacrons. Each walkthrough sector of the overview constantly starts with the advised beginning point on the map and also ends with the location of the Dacron itself as well as the Information Codex Entrance.

There are lots of Dacrons spread across both the Republic and Empire intrigues in SW TOR. Each Dacron you accumulate permanently improves the statistics of every character you have, including new characters. Every Dacron likewise opens a Codex Access which opens Lore for you to review.

Table of components

  • Around Haas Yellow Matrix Shard Dacron Area
  • Around Haas Red Proficiency Dacron Area
  • Around Haas Stamina Dacron Area
  • Around Haas Yellow Presence Dacron Location
  • Around Haas Orange Mastery Dacron Area

Around Haas Yellow Matrix Fragment Dacron Place

The Dacron is within reach once you have actually gotten to the waterfall. Be very mindful which rocks you stroll down to get to the Dacron as you can slide off and begin again.

As soon as you find the bending cliffside past the river, direct the small course that has purple plants dotting the means. When you arrive you will locate a pond with an island. Head best in the direction of the waterfall.

The Yellow Matrix Shard Dacron is deep in the Heroic Location forest south of The Wall in an area called The Deadly Bog. The closest beginning place is The Wall surface Quick Traveling Point.

Matrix Shards are mission items that you can utilize to produce an Antique. The Fragments are earned Per-Character. This suggests that also though the Dacron is considered accumulated for your whole Legacy if you intend to get the Matrix Shard on a various personality you will certainly need to discover the Dacron again on that particular personality. This Dacron opens the Galactic Background 18 Codex Entry.

Effectively gathering the Matrix Dacron will offer you 1 Yellow Matrix Shard in the Goal Products Tab of your Supply, in addition to the Codex Entrance:

Galactic Background 18-The Hunt Cataclysms

The greed of the Huts was insatiable, and their long life extends meant grudges could be brought for centuries. Competitions became open hostilities, until their whole empire was embroiled in the Hunt Cataclysms, a collection of problems that saw devastating weapons unleashed on Hutt-controlled worlds.

When the calamities finished, the Hunt home world of Earl and also hundreds of Hunt nests had been provided drab. Looking for a brand-new home world, the Huts began relocating to the earth Vocal, slowly acquiring parcels from the Avicii individuals. Ultimately, the Huts had the entire planet, which would certainly later on be called Neil Outta-- or more frequently, just Outta, the Marvelous Jewel.

Considering that its triumphs versus the pressures of the Ton Cluster, the Hunt Empire had remained to increase its impact. It now controlled loads of systems, and the Hunt criminal ventures expanded also right into Republic space.

Around Haas Red Mastery Dacron Location

This Dacron will permanently raise your Proficiency with +2. It opens the Galactic Background 19 Codex Entry for Imperial Players.


Once you go into Docking Bay D-61, increase the ramp to the footway degree of the Docking Bay, increase each flooring until you get to the top, you will certainly find a small space beside a freight container. Leap down onto the very first Bronze tinted Pipeline.

When you have safely arrived at the Bronze Pipeline, stroll extremely thoroughly as well as continue walking throughout the next pipeline.

The starting factor for this Dacron remains in the Around Haas Spaceport, the starting area on earth. When travelling with your Player Ship, you can Quickly Travel to Around Haas Spaceport or arrive at this area.

When you get to the end, stroll or jump off the Bronze Pipe on the Cargo Container listed below. Get on the tiny boxes to aid you reach the Dacron.

Head all the way down to the very first Elevator at the extremely bottom of the Spaceport as soon as you show up. There is a control panel you can click to take a trip to Docking Bay D-61.

Effectively accumulating the Dacron will offer you +2 Mastery to all personalities and also the following Codex Entrance:

Galactic History 19-The Pius DEA Crusades

Through Supreme Chancellor Continued, Pius DEA exploited stress within the Hunt Empire after the Hunt Cataclysms. Eventually Continued sanctioned an intrusion of Hunt Space, beginning the Pius DEA Crusades.

Over the next thousand years, Continued's descendants-- ideological and biological-- would inherit his placement, remaining to wage war versus different alien factions till growing discontent brought Pius DEA's rule to an end. A new Chancellor was chosen, complimentary of Pius DEA's influence, and the Pius DEA Supreme Temple was damaged... but the stress created between the Core Worlds as well as the Outer Rim continued for centuries to find.

The Republic had actually been developed on concepts of cost-free speech and also tolerance for all sentient beings. These concepts likewise allowed the growth of edge teams. Throughout the term of Supreme Chancellor Per's' lay, a fanatical pro-human religious sect calling itself Pius DEA emerged.

Around Haas Endurance Dacron Area

This Dacron will permanently raise your Stamina with +2. It opens the Galactic Background 20 Codex Access for Imperial Players.

The Green Stamina Dacron lies at the rear of Nathans Estate. The closest starting place is The Wall Quick Travel Point.

The secret path is very dark yet just goes one means, so you can not make a mistake. Keep complying with the course up until you get to the Dacron.

When you have actually gone into Lord Nathans Estate, adhere to the major path till you reach the big Compound. Follow the dirt road around the lake beside the obstacles, and you ought to locate the secret path that takes you to the Dacron.

Successfully gathering the Dacron will certainly give you +2 Endurance to all characters and the following Codex Entry:

Galactic Background 20-Chancellor Lotus

Lotus served a 275-year term as well as died peacefully in his rest at the age of 912. His regulation would certainly be remembered with affection for centuries; also today, his favored chair in the Senate tower's lounge is commonly left empty.

After the Pius DEA Crusades, the Republic stagnated, required to restore partnerships Pius DEA had actually harmed. Throughout the Tinnitus Period, the Republic began to appreciate prosperity once more under a new Supreme Chancellor, Lotus the Hunt.

Lotus had actually been the administrator of a network of mining worlds that divide from the residues of the former Hunt Empire. He and also his worlds looked for Republic subscription, and although tensions in between Huts as well as the Republic continued to be, Lotus verified both prominent and also skilled in the Galactic Senate. He was eventually elected Supreme Chancellor by an overwhelming majority, and his setting was strengthened when his tax breaks for independent investors brought Coruscate right into a financial boom and boosted trade throughout the Core Worlds.

Around Haas Yellow Existence Dacron Area

The Yellow Presence Dacron is discovered up a hillside if you follow a path from the Spaceport. The closest beginning area is Around Haas Spaceport Quick Travel Factor.

When the Red-light Beacons end, follow the dust road using the purple plants as your guide till you find the secret passage.

Go into the secret tunnel as well as adhere to the purple plants until you reach the tiny jungle in the mountains. Walk throughout the dropped logs until you reach the Dacron.

This Dacron will completely raise your Existence with +2. It unlocks the Galactic Background 21 Codex Entrance for Imperial Players.

Comply with the populated road South using your minimal as soon as you get here outside the Around Haas Spaceport. It will take you 90% of the way to the Dacron by adhering to the road as well as the Beacons with traffic signals in the process.

Effectively gathering the Dacron will offer you +2 Visibility to all personalities as well as the complying with Codex Entry:

Galactic Background 21-The Birth of the Mandalorian

The society of the gray-skinned Tang types had actually always been defined by problem, also before their days battling the Battalions of Shell on Coruscate. For millennia, striking out from the globe they called Mangalore, the Tang explored and also conquered new worlds, seeking brand-new opponents to examine themselves versus.

In time their philosophy of battle grew as well as changed, and a brand-new cadre of elite warriors emerged. Understood as the Mandalorian Crusaders, these warriors were sharpened by years of battle as well as guided by a strict code of honor. Wild tales started to spread out throughout the Outer Edge of soldiers that can disappear into woodlands, deal with terrifying beasts without a trace of fear or also catch a whole planet in a day.

These tales were the very first time the name Mandalorian ended up being commonly recognized. Although the Tang themselves went right into decline and ultimately disappeared, they left fans educated as they were. Ever after, the Mandalorian were a people to be valued, and also feared.

Around Haas Orange Proficiency Dacron Place

This Dacron will completely increase your Mastery with +2. It unlocks the Galactic History 22 Codex Access for Imperial Athletes.

The closest point for this Dacron is the Haas City Expansion Quick Travel Factor. You must take a trip across the bridge to the borders of Around Haas, the beginning area for the Dacron is following to Major Shell aster, a Heroic Pursuit NPC.

You must jump across a number of huge rocks without falling as soon as you reach the end of the verdant course. There are three rocks you must jump throughout to reach the Dacron., if you slip as well as drop you must run back to Significant Shell aster and attempt once again.

Beginning by jumping up a number of boxes then walk throughout a metal wall as well as follows the verdant path in the direction of the Dacron when you get here near Significant Shell aster.


Efficiently accumulating the Dacron will certainly offer you +2 Proficiency to all characters and the adhering to Codex Entrance:

Galactic Background 22-The Second Excellent Schism

Each Dacron you collect completely boosts the stats of every character you have, consisting of new characters. Every Dacron additionally unlocks a Codex Access which opens Lore for you to check out.

The Jedi Order had already dealt with one great schism in its background, against the fallen Vendor as well as his Myriads of Let tow. Although Vendor had been gone with centuries, there were worried stirrings in the order's rankings. A team of Jedi had learned to utilize the Force to form living beings, turning them right into terrible monsters. These Dark Jedi were swiftly ousted, yet they struck back by elevating a military of their ominous developments as well as releasing them against the remainder of the order. The Jedi battled back, finally driving the Dark Jedi to a last depend on the earth Combos. Victory would certainly not have actually been particular also after that, yet the Dark Jedi had begun to turn versus each other. Without a united front, they were overwhelmed and scattered. The Jedi supported their triumph, it was later on uncovered that many of the Dark Jedi had actually fled Combos, leaving no path for anyone to comply with.

Each walkthrough section of the guide always starts with the suggested beginning point on the map as well as finishes with the place of the Dacron itself and also the Information Codex Entrance.

This implies that even though the Dacron is thought about gathered for your whole Tradition if you desire to get the Matrix Shard on a various character you will have to locate the Dacron once more on that character. There are three rocks you must leap across to reach the Dacron.


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