A Comprehensive Guide To All The Weapons Of Dead Space Remake – Advantages, Disadvantages & Tips For Using Them

Dead Space Remake represents a huge opportunity to dive back into the depths of USG Chimera for a few dozen hours. You will find mesomorphs at ease, which you will have to get rid of the seven weapons that can be collected during the game, all with your own gameplay, skills and different uses, advantages and disadvantages. In this guide, we give you a summary of these weapons and how to better use each one. Reminder: Do not forget to equip the four weapons to which you want the most ammunition on your wheel, as enemies leave candies corresponding to those of the weapons equipped and not to those at the bottom of your inventory.

plasma cutter

Iconic weapon of Dead Space and the first you get in the game. It will even yield a trophy if it is the only one you use from beginning to end of save. Very simplistic, its use is very basic and multifaceted. Much like a revolver, you shoot your bullets one at a time for a reasonably low damage if you don't strengthen it, and you don't have a secondary shot. A weapon that remains very cool, however, for its design. Ammunition Price: 6 bullets for $1200

Pulse rifle

Second weapon you collect on your adventure, the pulse rifle is the first weapon with a secondary shot. Its primary shot is as the name suggests, that of a robbery rifle, which machines its enemies with a high firing cadence. Its main quality, however, is in the secondary shot: a proximity mine that explodes to contact with an enemy. More than a mine, see it more like a grenade you play on your favorite mesomorphs. This mine costs 25 bullets and explodes causing colossal damage in area, very useful when several enemies are close to you. Ammunition Price: 25 bullets for $1250


In addition to its flames with eathtaking 2023 graphics, the flames' launcher has some very positive and others very negative aspects. The weapon is generally a trap: we want to use it 24 hours a day, it seems so cool to burn zombies, but it is not very profitable by the quality/price ratio of ammunition, except an enemy in the game, against which is the best weapon, undoubtedly. Its primary shot is a simple explosion of short-range flames that deals very little damage. Its secondary shooting is its real quality: a large wall of flames by 25 ammunition, which also works on medium distance, formidable against certain enemies. Ammunition Price: 25 for $1750

Contact radius

The radius of contact is the first weapon that really lives up to science fiction and with class. Your main shot: A powerful and quite wide laser beam that burns everything in your way. Its secondary shot sends a powerful single laser beam after a few seconds of loading that stands out against the bosses. Contact radius is an extremely lucrative weapon to improve, perhaps even the best of the game, as it stands out both closely and in medium range. Weak point perhaps, the ammunition is expensive and scarce, especially if you have not found a way to create/buy your own ammunition-model to create ammunition is apparently in chapter 7).

Linear Cannon

The linear cannon is a heavy and well buggy weapon, but objectively it seems to be the worst of the game. Maximum medium. Its primary shot is a rather wide cut line designed to cut anything that passes, while its secondary shot is a very thin vertical laser that crushes all enemies that pass through it. Ammunition Price: 3 bullets for $2100

Mountain range

A personal favorite, the mountain is one of the coolest weapons in Dead Space. In addition to being from afar the noisiest and deepest weapon, it also has the best value ammunition to make mesomorph soup and do not even require you to be an aim. It's useless against most bosses, but that's okay, the rest of your arsenal was done for it. The primary shot is a sharp blade in the air for a while, causing great damage at a distance, while the secondary shot is a sharp blade throttle that ricocheted on the walls and causes damage to everything it touches. Ammunition Price: 3 blades for $1500

Energy Cannon

The energy cannon is, in a way, a very strong and formidable gravitational pump shotgun at a short distance, exceptional to destroy groups of mesomorphs.

This weapon is excellent and pleasant to play, but unfortunately its ammunition is expensive. Primary shot is a gravitational shock that causes damage and repels melee enemies. The secondary shot establishes a pit of gravity that pulls enemies inside by three ammunition.


  • Ammunition Price: 3 for $2400


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