New World Hatchet and Sword Build Guide: Tanking In PvE With The Frontline Tank Build

These weapon pairings are building off our other Weapon Guides, so if you're not completely sure why we are or aren't advising a certain passive, make sure to give those an appearance as they give a great deal of context to the decisions produced these builds.

Table of contents

  • Frontline Tank Build Play style
  • Hatchet
  • Sword and Guard
  • Statistics and Gearing
  • Benefit Options
  • Ability Rotations and Combos

Frontline Tank Build Play style

If wanted, because there is just one ability we definitely need, the Hatchet can also serve to rebuff enemies too with using its tossing abilities. On the Eve side of things, Rending Toss would be the main energy we choose up from the Tossing Tree, whereas the other skills supply more benefit in PVP.

This setup enables us to swap to the Hatchet to apply to Rend along with offer bursts of damage as our capabilities allow. We take lots of damage perks concentrated on dealing huge damage during Berserk or when rupturing with Raging Torrent.

A weapon pairing as old as the game itself, the Frontline Tank pairs the amazing crowd control and protective power of the Sword and Guard with the damage and sustain of the Hatchet While both weapons work well on their own and are strong in their own right, the mix of the two brings them both to another level.


The main thing were looking for with the Hatchet skill tree is to max out the utility offered by Berserk, while also offering as much damage as possible. As such, Well be taking Berserk and maxing it out as a top priority. Well also be getting as much additional damage as we can, together with Defy Death. Well essentially be utilizing a customized version of the Starter Melee Build from our Hatchet Weapon Guide, though with Feral Rush swapped out for the utility of Rending Toss.

The Hatchet offers a lot of utility, but will mostly be utilized for the sustain it supplies from Berserk, as well as the Defy Death Ultimate. While taking adequate damage to die it really rare with excellent Tank play, it does help to have the bonuses of the Hatchet to fall back on needs to something go incorrect.

If PVP is your focus, you might desire to think about switching out Raging Gush for another skill, being either Feral Rush for the space close potential or Social Distancing for the Slow. This is due to Raging Gush being a skill that locks you in location for a bit, and without any kind of setup, you'll never ever get the amount out of it.

In this setup, the Sword carries all of our aggro management tools. While both weapons will preferably use Carnelian to enable taunts, you can get away with other options in the Hatchet. If you were to play this in PVP, this would likewise change.

The only optional point that might be moved here is Accumulated Power. While this supply a pretty huge boost of damage, it just uses to a single hit and gets the many value from a standard rotation of attacks, being a loop of a Heavy Attack into three Light Attacks to make the most of the advantage of both Accumulated Power along with Ruthless Fury.

The Hatchet will be the weapon we swap to when there are opportunities to deal considerable damage, or as a way to cheat death in defining moments. It plays a more secondary role in to develop.

Sword and Shield

From the Defender side of the tree, well be taking Shield Bash and Protectors Resolve, which function as our aggro management tools. Neither of these gets totally updated, as for the most part it is unnecessary to take either last upgrade.

The Sword and Shield is our primary tanking tool, with the Guard enabling us to block both melee and projectile attacks alike. Its house to all of our aggro management and defensive tools, letting us quickly manage Eve encounters for group content.

We're going for Leadership as our Ultimate, this is because it just offers a more powerful energy that impacts your party and helps you clear encounters quicker. You'll be more than adequately resilient to handle most if not all encounters without making use of Defensive Development.

Together with these skills, we likewise take One with the Guard, which enormously helps out cooldown management, especially when it pertains to bigger pulls. This allows us to more easily and often use Whirling Blade and Defenders Solve for large groups to keep them focused on us.

In addition to Whirling Blade, well likewise be able to get quite a few damage-boosting passives that help us preserve aggro easier, along with offer great advantages for blocking.

To do this, well be using a slight variation of the Tank Build noted in our Sword and Shield Weapon Guide. The only significant distinction is the shifting around of a few skill points.

In this case, well be deciding for Whirling Blade simply for what it supplies. Its great AOE damage that can likewise Rend on a lowish cooldown.

Statistics and Gearing

For our Amulet, we'd want to ideally get Health, Refreshing, and Fortified Healing. Health offers us a fairly obvious bump in health considering that we already run high CON, this gives it a higher effect overall compared to other builds. Revitalizing lowers our cooldowns, which well want to have access to as much as possible as a Tank. Strengthened Recovery is a bit optional, but provides a good extra layer of defense ought to we get short on health. In place of Fortified Recovery, you can also decide for the different Protection buff to mitigate particular damage types, but this is less versatile overall.

There is also some rarer called equipment that can be discovered in New World that can have perk mixes that makes them more powerful than any equipment you might craft, or at the minimum give you an alternative method to get a great gear. These noteworthy items will be noted in their respective areas after the general perk layout is covered.

For choosing Attributes, it depends upon whether you desire the extra perk from Constitution at 250 points, to soft cap it at 300 for the health, or neither. The Constitution 350 perk is a more optional perk, but it does make you more long-lasting, and if you choose to not take it, you can get an extra bonus from Strength or Dexterity instead. In this case, 300 Strength includes Grit to all of your attacks, making Stuns the only method of interrupting them, or you get additional damage and CRT Chance from Mastery.

Beyond those benefits, you'd typically just want to get additional stacks of Rejuvenating Ward, Luck, or weapon benefits that are valuable to to develop, which as far as the build goes there are only 3 perks that have potential: Empowering Whirling Blade, Keen Berserk, and Revitalizing Torrent.

Rune glass Gems can provide us even more manage over our develop, enabling extra nuance and modification. In many cases, well usually desire to utilize Punishing Rune glass for the majority of our gear, no matter the gem type. This provides us a bump in Melee Damage, which affects both weapons.

This develops can use a couple of various characteristic spreads and work. For the Eve side of things though I've personally discovered 200-300 Strength, 200-300 Constitution, and 0-50 Mastery to work best.

As far as our armor gems go, you'll mainly be utilizing gems to reduce inbound damage. This largely implies using a mix of Diamond, Malachite, Onyx, and Opals to stabilize our defenses as we desire. Typically, in PVP Onyx/Diamonds tends to be the better alternative as there are less essential choices without gems playing a role. The couple of essential choices that are strong usually make us less general damage, so natural mitigation and a number of Opals or a complete set of Diamonds can normally fend off adequate damage.

The final perk is a bit of a gamble, as there are a couple of good choices. Keen is an excellent basic option given that as a tank we won't have the ability to depend on double-crossing for extra damage. Elemental Attunement benefits are likewise great choices for particular factions; Flame Attunement supplies significant damage versus Angry Earth and Arboreal Attunement succeeds against Corrupted and Lost. Finally, there's Hated, which can be useful if you discover yourself having a hard time to hold aggro.

There's also a Sword called Centurions Blade, which has Vicious, Corrupted Bane, and Refreshing Move. This is another terrific sword that's fantastic against corrupted, though Vicious keeps it from being Bis. However, this weapon is a quest benefit you will receive during the Brimstone Sands storyline, making it highly available.

Notable Armor

Armor Options

For the weapons themselves, we can consider Elemental Rune glass choices to make up for the reality both weapons we have deal Slash damage, which doesn't use much protection as far as opponent types go. In this case, the variations that approve Arcane and Lightning Damage will use the very best boosts for Corrupted and Ancients respectively, which the base Slash does well enough into Angry Earth.

Attribute Points

For our Defense in Eve, the choice is easy, we utilize Beautiful Carnelians. This assists us to easily manage aggro and enables us to hold taunts for circumstances where we lose aggro. Our Hatchet can consider carnelians, but options are still the more secure and more constant option.


For additional information on Rune glass Gems, you can refer to our Rune glass Gems Guide for whatever you may need to understand about Rune glass Gems and their impacts.

Regardless of the material you're doing, Heavy Armor is what you desire. As a Tank you'll desire all the defenses you can get, this includes your armor. This setup leaves you a little slow and stable as it is, and having better armor helps to a minimum of mitigate the damage you take as you approach or group enemies.

In addition to the Faction Ward Benefit, Refreshing Move and Sturdy can be excellent options to improve our ability to soak damage. Optionally, Accelerated Protectors Solve can be a terrific option to make Defenders Deal with a stronger panic button, increasing our speed and inbound healing results.

When landing every hit of the skill, rejuvenating Gush alongside Raging Gushes upgrades enables it to decrease hatchet cooldowns by up to 42.5%. This makes it a helpful tool to use at the start of Berserk for substantial damage and then again after the cooldown ends to get Berserk up quicker.


Empowering Whirling Blade can be a huge boost in your general damage and capability to hold aggro of groups, approving approximately 49% increased damage for the skill when it hits 3 or more targets. Eager Berserk is intriguing for the enormous Important Possibility improve it can use, providing to 14% increased Crucial Possibility when Berserk is used under 50% Health.

You'd need terrific get to obtain it, the however final bosses for Mutated versions of The Ended, The Depths, and Lazarus Instrumentality can drop extremely strong equipment sets for this build. Each set brings the particular Faction Ward rejuvenating and perk Ward.

We have access to an interesting Sword called the Widow maker. This special sword has a combination of benefits you can typically get, including both Corrupted and Angry Earth Bane along with Rejuvenating Move. While not Best-in-Slot for either faction, it's a good weapon that succeeds against both making it a great starter choice for 2 of the frequently fought factions. Sadly for us, this is a global drop, indicating it can take a great deal of time and luck to actually obtain.

For our Earring, we'd desire to take Regenerating, Rejuvenating, and Refreshing Toast. Considering that we have a bigger health swimming pool, Regrowing will provide a quite excellent quantity of sustain versus chip damage by continually recovering us gradually. Rejuvenating Toast enables us to more often use potions to recuperate our health.

Significant Accessories

There are many choices for Earrings, however, Dooms Chance is an excellent choice for us. Not only can it drop from Alluvium Marl, The Caretaker in the Garden of Genesis Exploration, but its likewise offered as an Exploration Reproduction making it extremely simple to get in one way or another.

Our Shield that gets used alongside the sword likewise gets some preferable and very significant advantages too, though being more on the protective side. Comparable to our Armor, Shields get access to Faction Ward benefits, which are constantly going to be a Best-in-Slot perk versus the corresponding faction.


In addition to the Faction Ward benefits, a few others to remember and ones that can be vital to have for certain expeditions are Corruption and Blight Resistance. These two advantages mitigate and delay the impacts of some otherwise bothersome effects, which would others have actually to be dealt with using an item instead.

For our Ring, we'd want to take Leeching, Slash Damage, and Revitalizing. Leeching assists us to sustain ourselves a bit better beyond group play and to relieve the concern of healing us a bit for our assistance. Considering that both of our weapons deal mostly Slash Damage, boosting that here is a no-brainer.

Typically, Slash Damage and Eager Awareness can not appear on the same product, but that's what makes this ring unique. It is nevertheless worth getting if you have the commitment as it provides a substantial damage boost for numerous melee weapons.

For Rings, there's Heart of Hera which matches precisely what we want. This Ring can be farmed from the called mob Hera of the Crossroads which appears both in the Has Cauldron and Atoms Way Points of Interest in the Brimstone Sands.

Advantage Options


This is because Jasper's damage improving impact is multiplicative, unlike most comparable effects. In many PVP scenarios, Elemental gems can end up boosting your damage as well, as many do not gear to mitigate as much Elemental damage as they do physical damage.

Being a Eve construct, there are a few mandatory perks that this build absolutely requires. These end up being even more essentially the deeper you go into Mutated Expeditions. All high-end Eve builds will utilize the Faction Ward Rewards. These advantages can stack, and can lead to large defensive bonuses against the proper factions. Typically, this means having several good gear pieces that each bring a different Faction Ward perk.

Advantages are a huge part of the weapons in New World, they take a few of the more unimpressive abilities and make them into much bigger dangers. Which advantages you take and where you place them can modify how an ability gets used.

The Char dis Set from Lazarus has Stimulated as a 3rd perk, which won't be the absolute finest to stack up, given that there are simpler ways to play or mitigate around most of the statuses, it does help make that exploration simpler. The Expedition Captain Set from The Depths is pretty fundamental carrying Physical Hostility throughout the board as a third perk, as does most of the Laureates Set from the Ended.

Significant Defense

This area will go into information on how to establish this construct. Well be speaking about armor, gems, and associates here.

For Eve, well truthfully be looking for a combination of a Faction Bane Benefit and Revitalizing Move along with a third perk of choice on our Sword and Hatchet. The Bane perks give big increases to general damage making them Best-in-Slot for Eve Builds.

The last Noteworthy Sword is Guardians Resolve, another sword great for damaged, which happens to likewise be better than Centurions Blade, but still not perfect. While still having Rejuvenating Move and Corrupted Bane its 3rd perk is Preventing Strikes, which can be a good bump in damage if you go for 300 Strength, so you have Grit on your attacks. This weapon can be Farmed from the named enemy Radio of Bukhara, who can be discovered in Heliopolis Elite Point of Interest in the Brimstone Sands.

The Blessing of the Predecessors is a good starter Amulet, offering Divine together with Health and Fortified Recovery. While it does not have Refreshing, it comes with Divine, which makes it simpler for your assistance to heal you. You can get this amulet as a drop from Archdeacon Pamela while running an Altered variation of the Depths Exploration.


Skill Rotations and Combos

The Finest New World Builds and Weapons Pairings.

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  • Heavy Attack.
  • Light Attack x3.
  • Repeat.

Standard Attack Cycle (BAC).

New World Weapons and Abilities Guide for Beginners.

The Bane benefits offer huge boosts to total damage making them Best-in-Slot for Eve Builds. Elemental Attunement perks are likewise fantastic alternatives for respective factions; Flame Attunement supplies significant damage versus Angry Earth and Arboreal Attunement does well against Corrupted and Lost. While still having Revitalizing Move and Corrupted Bane its 3rd perk is Warding off Strikes, which can be a decent bump in damage if you go for 300 Strength, so you have Grit on your attacks.

This section breaks down the specific weapon combos and full rotations from both weapons.

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The few elemental choices that are strong normally make us less total damage, so natural mitigation and a couple of Opals or a full set of Diamonds can typically stave off sufficient damage.

The second cast of Rending Toss guarantees we have it up for the complete second Raging Torrent and the rest of Berserk. Then we do a BAC to acquire Accumulated Power and Ruthless Fury for the additional Heavy Attack that follows. This Heavy Attack then reapplies Ruthless Fury for the 2nd Raging Torrent.

  • Rending Toss.
  • Berserk.
  • Heavy Attack.
  • Raging Gush.
  • Rending Toss.
  • BAC.
  • Heavy Attack.
  • Raging Torrent.

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In many PVP situations, Essential gems can end up increasing your damage as well, as many don't gear to mitigate as much Essential damage as they do physical damage.


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This is the end of this really extensive build guide for New World. With everything from the stat breakdown, skill choices, and the supplied combinations; you have whatever you require to make this construct work. We hope you delight in trying this special weapon pairing.

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This New World build guide features the Terrific Axe and Warhammer weapons combination. It concentrates on Damage-dealing in PVP as its main play style!


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