Get The Amazing 90% Discount On Steam For A Classic Cult Video Game: One Of The Best Shooting Game Campaigns In Recent


With no news since the launch of its second edition, the Titan fall franchise now lives only through Apex Legends, which takes up some of its good gameplay ideas. But much more than a multiplayer game that mixes soldiers and destructive robots, Titan fall 2 is also a single-player shooting game with one of the best campaigns of its kind in the last 10 years, and you can get it at Steam for only R $8.90 for a limited time.

Titan fall 2 for R $8.90 on Steam

The game developed by Respawn and published by Electronic Arts has never been offered for such a low price on Valve's online platform. But be careful, you should not attract yourself by the multiplayer aspect, which even has good quality, but the problem is that the servers are almost dead and if the few resistant can play a handful of games, it's a lot. Fortunately, Titan fall 2 has another strong argument to make you adhere to your proposal: Your Single-Player Campaign. Titan fall 2 Ultimate Edition for R $8.90 Offer valid until Feuary 2

Short but intense

Count from five to six hours to see the final credits of the Titan fall 2 campaign 2. Although the story begins in a very classic way, developers quickly deliver good phase design and gameplay trick ideas, all supported by a tuned pace.

We could go into detail about this about excellent phase design by quoting even a loan of portal mechanics to diversify your game phases, but even the best is that you try everything for yourself. At this price, honestly, there is no way to pass.


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