Diving into the Virtual Ocean: An Incredible Underwater Demo Using Unreal Engine 4

In the VR demonstration, the real conditions become clear: We fight with poor visual conditions and need to gradually feel our method forward. I miss such an experience painfully in present video games and would therefore like to desire designers to focus more on the degree of realism revealed in this VR demonstration and thus develop a more tremendous experience.

Unreal Engine 4 has actually been a popular tool for developing new games for many years. There might be a turn this year, given that many titles are now in Cache with the Unreal Engine 5. The predecessor would have been slowly however undoubtedly used. But even if the Unreal Engine 4 remains in its last trains, a developer uses it for his newest job and thus develops surprisingly realistic water. In a little section, he shows what the UE 4 is likewise able to do.

a virtual dive of a special kind

On Twitter, solo developer Then B shows the progress of his underwater VR task, which is based on the Unreal Engine 4. In the demo he provides the modified physics in the type of dive, including the interactions with stones that are on the bottom: Recommended editorial content At this point you will discover an external material of Twitter, which complements the post. You can have it showed with one click and hide it again.

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Individual data can be transmitted to third-party platforms. Learn more about our personal privacy policy. Link to the Twitter material What can be seen? With the help of two hands, players can carry on the bottom of the soil by withdrawing or pulling away. As quickly as the character is undersea, only a dull can be heard. In the demonstration it is possible to lift and stack the stones. As quickly as the stones are dropped or tossed, they slowly drive to the bottom. The reduced sinking speed increases the impression that the figure is presently underwater. The following games are already being established with the Unreal Engine 5: 15 3 more on the topic Graphics bangs the 5 most promising video games that use Unreal Engine 5 How genuine does the entire thing look? The designer seems to have paid attention to every detail. For example, it is not possible when diving to look considerably far into the range, as a green cloudiness blocks the view. In addition, reflections of sunshine can be seen on the sea floor, which are affected by the waves on the water surface area. When appearing, the sun's rays can likewise be seen as they can make their way through the cloudy water. In addition, there are the detailed textures of the sandy flooring and stones. Jasmin Beverage @kerona44 The VR demo is remarkable. As an outcome, I really feel like delving into a river in the next best forest and checking out the underwater world. I am over-saturated by video games that create a remarkably the best background and permit an infinite insight. The demonstration revealed, on the other hand, has something of a relaxed journey to nature that ends with a dive in the nearby lake.


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