Can You Really Play Mario Kart In Real Life? One Tikkeer Dares To Find Out!

How about playing Mario Kart in reality? A Ticker dares a hazardous experiment and exchanges its car parts versus Nintendo devices. And after that he even drives through the location. At this moment we wish to point out that it would be prohibited in Germany to drive around with such an automobile. In addition, it would be extremely unsafe, so this experiment does not include.

TikTok plays Mario Kart in real

How appropriate for everyday use is the Mario Kart guiding wheel of the Wii? TikTok user Tyler Akin no longer desired to ask himself this concern, but address it.


In a series of Tickets, he builds his car, a 1995 Mazda MX-5 IATA into a IATA, as he calls his new automobile. Initially the steering wheel is replaced by the much smaller Wii steering wheel: Then he exchanges the gear stick against a Wii-Nunchuk controller: In other videos, he reveals on his profile how he also exchanges the vehicle mat with a Wii fit mat and changes the stereo with a screen and the Wii. Otherwise, he could not play a Mario Kart with his IATA. There is just one question left: Can he drive with his brand-new Wii automobile? The answer is: Yes! In the following video, Akin shows the vehicle in action: Because the Mario Kart guiding wheel is much smaller than a real one, this undertaking is an extremely dangerous one. He is not on the road with the IATA. The Ticker most likely just put together the IATA as fun and, ideally, was just briefly by cars and truck on the street. Okay, now we know how it is genuine with the Wii steering wheel. What would your favorite video game heroes look real? You can find some crazy examples here:


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