The Witcher 3 Gameplay - Or Lack Thereof

In the third game, CD Project Red had to make a difficult decision. The studio wanted to provide players with new and fresh gameplay, but also wanted to stay true to the series. What they came up with is an open world that gives players more freedom than ever before while still providing new missions, side quests, and plenty of backstory.

An excellent seven years after the release in 2015, for The Witcher 3 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X The 2nd, well the third spring-always after Hexes Gerald guaranteed brand-new player records, which at the start of relay 270,000 synchronized players enticed back to Helen, NORAD and Kellie.

this is in the Witcher 3 Next-Gen-Update

CD Project Red Adult this success now with its own next-gen variation of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (from EUR 22.40 when buying), which appears to be plainly drilled on PS5 and Xbox Series X-among other things, 4K, 60 are amongst other things FPS and Ray tracing part of the complimentary upgrade, which likewise brings follow-up HD textures and enhancements in menus, card filters and camera. The upgrade for all owners of The Witcher 3 on December 14th. Be available totally free of charge, the next-gen variation also consists of the 2 extensions of Hearts of Stone and Blood and Red wine.

And that's not all: PC users also take pleasure in all improvements. Here the update is likewise provided free of charge for all owners of Witcher 3-but, according to potent hardware, is not limited to 30 fps if ray tracing is triggered. This makes the PC version on paper the most technically appealing brand-new version of the Witcher. Quickly before the NEXT-GEN-UPDATE for The Witcher 3 Laden CD Job Red and Nvidia to us in the brand-new showroom of the Custom PC supplier Sitcom in Fortifying near Munich. Here the brand-new upgrade of The Witcher 3 was playable on existing high-end hardware, which need to put the shine of the brand-new background in the ideal light.

new technology that is passionate

This is at first due to the degree of information, bushes and undergrowth screwed upwards, which is now much denser and more reliable.


In addition, the environment shines with higher-resolution textures and a distance illustration, which lessens the still recognizable pop-in problem. This provides the location an even more natural look, which shines mostly in the large panoramas.

And after the primary steps in the next-gen bike, I can say: In truth, The Witcher 3 upgrade is what comes closest to a remaster of the role-playing classic. This is most likely the main thing for the dive from the PS4-on the Next Gen version with maximum information known to me. The fog-covered landscapes of Helen never ever looked so excellent when I was traveling with Roach at Conflict, the gnarled trees were never reflected in streams and puddles throughout the day.

The really huge star is the ray tracing execution, the landscape and interiors come together to form a whole. Complete activated, the feature includes international lighting, reflections, shadows and surrounding cover. If all components are activated, the parts of the landscape and the interiors actually become a climatic whole. Regardless of whether it is the shadows on the yard roots that credibly anchor the spell in the location, the source of lights in the pub, whose colored surface reflections immerse the visitor homes in a dim light or the clear reflections on the streams of Helen, that of the landscape much more Lend deep.

no facelift for Gerald

In addition, the new innovation is associated with eerie hardware costs: High-end PCs with GeForce RTX 4080 graphics cards were readily available on the allusion event, which might just truly get maximum information including ray tracing with the DLSS 3.0 turned on to the screen continually. Admittedly, this barely makes a distinction and with the Nvidia super sampling and frame insertion was triggered at any time considerably more than 60 fps. Smaller systems rapidly stumbling in view of the required computing power, even if, of course, countless controllers and settings are offered so that the Witcher 3 can continue to be able to play on weaker PCs without any issues.

Each time I am satisfied again, the terrific impact of light and shadow on the trustworthiness of game worlds-The Witcher 3 is also no exception. The next gene update is not a remake and not a lighting state of mind, no HD texture and no brand-new electronic camera viewpoint can cover up that Gerald's third experience has actually been around for seven years. Above all, the character designs and facial animations are noticeably even worse than the rest of the backdrops are definitely not a drama, but in view of the new luxury somewhere else.

enhancements in the operating detail

After the admittedly narrow starting session, an excellent feeling remains in view of the brand-new upgrade. Not just does CD Project Red Pro design Modeling of your top seller, but likewise provides it free of charge for the broad player base. In addition to all the mechanical and technical improvements, there are also new content that the Netflix series links closer to the video game. Fans anticipate on December 14th. An excellent upgrade for an extremely decorated role play.

The enhancements in the map summary are also great, which lastly enables the filtering of the locales according to numerous requirements. So you can find out much better, especially on Kelly ones. The new electronic camera, which drifts over Gerald's best shoulder and therefore looks a lot more modern-day than in 2015, is also elegant. , in fight) which camera setting is chosen.