The best weapon in the Callisto Protocol


There are six types of weapons in the Callisto protocol, and although each of them has potential, only a few of them are convenient in any situation. Completely improved, this weapon will not disappoint, but it takes a lot of time to invest in it. Each weapon can stun and inflict damage, but the effectiveness of each of them varies. This is the best weapon in The Callisto Protocol.

List of the best levels of weapons in the Callisto Protocol

Each weapon in the Callisto Protocol can be measured in its effectiveness both in situations one on one and against groups of enemies. To unlock the drawings of this weapon, players must purchase it in the forge, but from the very beginning it is not worth investing in it. The effectiveness of each weapon depends on many factors, so this will concern the overall efficiency of each weapon, and not its overall effectiveness.

level s

  • Weapons for rebellion-this weapon is great for groups of enemies and can be used between close combat attacks using an electric shock baton. It can be used to stop transformations, and its alternative fire is able to kill all enemies except the bosses with one shot.
  • Skin Pistol-despite the smaller store than Riot Gun, this weapon is very powerful at close range. Its alternative fire is not as strong as Riot Gun, but the Skunk pistol is not needed at all. The weapon requires small investments after increasing damage and is not too expensive.


  • Hand gun-despite the fact that this weapon lacks damage at ordinary shots, its alternative fire can destroy enemies at the beginning and middle of the game with one shot. The consumption of ammunition may be a problem, but when using conventional ammunition it can be used paired with an electric shock club to apply a large amount of damage.

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level b

  • Electric shock baton-although this weapon is very good at the beginning and middle of the game, it requires large investments to pay off. Both damage improvements are necessary to keep up with a quick transformation of enemies, and Block Breaker's update, too. This is an excellent alternative to saving ammunition, but it is not as powerful as other weapons.
  • Tactical pistol-although the scheme of this weapon will not be displayed to the late game, its use is quite limited. He does not have enough damage, and ultimately he replaces falling objects with his own ammunition, which potentially reduces the chances of getting ammunition for the best weapons such as Riot Gun.
  • The assault rifle is the best part of this weapon is its high rate of fire. This can be used to reliably stop the transformations, but it is difficult to use against groups.

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