Steam Free Weekend: Play The Popular MMORPG New World For Free

New World is the latest MMORPG from the developers of TERM. It's not quite as old, but it's the follow-up title to one of the most successful MMORPGs of all time. You might want to take advantage of this opportunity while you can.

Steam currently lets you test a couple of video games every weekend.


This time the popular MMORPG New World is there. From now on, you can play New World to Monday, December 19th, within the complimentary weekend. Since it does not use a demo that can be downloaded free of charge, it is a likelihood to test the video game. If you choose to purchase after the test, you can continue playing with your account and game. You don't have to start all over once again. New World is currently in the sale and expenses 19.99 euros on Steam.

New World wishes to bring in new players

With the event, the developers Amazon Games will probably attempt to draw new players into the MMORPG. Lastly, this was an excellent success at the Clean slate Service-now it continues with a complimentary weekend. They likewise published a new trailer that describes what New World is: There are no constraints in the game when testing, apart from the real money shop.

When you test new World over the weekend, you can not make purchases in the shop. Can I join every server? You have to choose one of the servers if you start the video game. It doesn't matter whether you select one of the just recently introduced restarters or among the older ones. It is just important that the server is not marked as completely, because then you can not sign up with as a test gamer. Do you desire to take advantage of the totally free weekend on Steam to play New World? Do you choose a brand-new start server or among the old ones? Or do you already play it and hope that your friends will start now and usually get more players in the MMORPG? Please write it in the remarks here on mango!