Marvel's Avengers Update: New Characters, Visuals and More

Marvel's Avengers is a game that has been eagerly awaited by many fans of the comic book and movie franchises, and if you're one of them, you'll be glad to hear there's been a new update released for the game. Find out all about it here!

A brand-new Marvel's Avengers update has been launched via PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, and Xbox Series X | S by Crystal Dynamics. And the update is quite significant, or a minimum of that's what the patch notes that been launched alongside the upgrade recommend. Not only exist brand-new fixes and improvements to the video game, however new functions also.

Dubbed Update v2.7.1, the brand-new patch needs to now be readily available to download on all platforms, nevertheless, today we do not know what the different file sizes are for the different file sizes. To put it simply, we do not have any insight into how long it might to require to download. There's new content, so it could be a bit bigger than most updates, however this is just speculation.


New Winter Soldier Mission Chain: 'Winter Kills'

That stated, 'Winter season Kills' is not an immediate skip to PL 165; you'll require to complete a list of objectives that starts with ending up Bucky's Heroic Mission Chain and culminates in completing the Discordant Sound raid (on Normal trouble). You'd typically need to go through our endgame loop for weeks to get max PL gear, however through 'Winter Kills,' which can breezily take about a week to survive, gamers now have a much easier path into our endgame material than before.

Yes-- disallowing the goals you need to finish for the mission chain, this basically permits brand-new players to avoid the grind for Winter season Soldier and leap right into tough endgame content like our brand-new Omega-Level Danger: goal's Cloning Lab.

A brand-new objective chain for Winter Soldier is offered in 2.7.1-- 'Winter season Kills'-- and it rewards gamers with a complete set of Power Level 165 equipment!

We have actually seen many brand-new and returning gamers log in to experience Winter Soldier (Sidenote: your Picture Mode shots of Bucky are providing us life), and we want these players to experience the excitement of finishing endgame obstacles too. The PL 165 barrier to entry can be restrictive, so our objective with this brand-new objective chain is to give more players a much easier course into the endgame loop.

Here's a breakdown of the equipment and resources you'll make from the new mission chain:




  • Melee Exotic Equipment 165 (Hero A-- Timeless set).
  • Varied Exotic Gear 165 (Hero A-- Classic set).
  • Defense Unique Equipment 165 (Hero A-- Traditional set).
  • Brave Exotic Gear 165 (Hero A-- Traditional set).
  • Minor Artifact at 165 (x2).
  • 10,000 Pieces.
  • 2,500 Polyhedron.
  • 5,000 Systems.

  • We upgraded the objective chain descriptions for Omega-Level Risk: AIM Cloning Lab to have the correct descriptions.


Marvel's Avengers is readily available via PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. It used to also be available through Google Stadia, however the platform recently shut down.

Called Update v2.7.1, the new patch needs to now be offered to download on all platforms, however, right now we don't understand what the various file sizes are for the different file sizes. There's brand-new content, so it might be a bit larger than the majority of updates, but this is simply speculation.

  • Having Kamala as a buddy while geared up with the Poly morph Counter Spike perk no longer triggers the game crash that some players experienced after Update 2.7.
  • In the new Omega-Level Threat: objective's Cloning Lab, MOD OK can no longer evade to the side while his gig abeam is active.
  • Likewise in the Cloning Laboratory, we added crash boxes to certain environmental components in the one in charge encounter space to avoid Heroes from clipping into the world.
  • Similarly, the cam for some players would clip under the flooring when those players would take damage throughout the MOD OK fight. We've upgraded the crash elements in the flooring possessions to prevent this from taking place.
  • We repaired a concern triggering the electronic camera to lock onto the player throughout the MOD OK battle rather than MOD OK.
  • MOD OK will periodically follow flying Heroes without attacking them, but the Avengers do not leave that easy! MOD OK will now assault flying Heroes, as planned.
  • Damage modifiers were not applied properly to MOD OK when targeting particular parts of him-- specifically the head and terrier crystal. We've repaired this so that damage modifiers are used properly!
  • When having fun with a full Strike Group, MOD OK's gig abeam VFX weren't displaying for at least one gamer in the celebration. All players in a Strike Team will now see the VFX. Matchmaking hosts controllers will no longer vibrate when another gamer in the celebration playing as Winter Soldier shoots his rifle.

A new Marvel's Avengers upgrade has actually been released by means of PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, and Xbox Series X | S by Crystal Dynamics. And the upgrade is quite considerable, or at least that's what the spot notes that been released alongside the upgrade recommend. Not just are there brand-new fixes and enhancements to the game, but new functions.


  • MOD OK's back battery was missing its gem, so we added the VFX in for that!
  • Bucky no longer draws his weapon immediately after using a melee attack.

  • Black Widow's 'Support Cry Administrator' Perk no longer grants double the expected nanites to allies.

  • Black Panther's 'Ultimate Gamma Administrator' Perk no longer doubles the expected amount of nanites to allies.
  • 'Ultimate Lethal Cry' and 'Ultimate Gamma Administrator' Perks now approve charges for proper Heroes as planned.