Destiny 2: First Exo in Season 19 Deactivated Thanks To A Very Strange Bug

The first ex in Destiny 2 was deactivated and is no longer available for players to fight from the loot shooter. The shock was called very strange by Bungee and the company said it will be fixed in a few days.


In Fate 2, curious bugs are frequently tape-recorded at the new season start, which requires the designers to momentarily shut down equipment and weapons. This time an ex weapon is shut off and for excellent factor. Which weapon is broken? It is the exotic scout rifle the Madeleine. Although the weapon had its place in the PVP, Bungee wished to enhance the weapon a little additional. The exotic perk was not as Bungee wished for it, which is why it was changed as follows for Season 19: 3 quick successive important hits provide you a ball back to the magazine and increase the next body shot damage Approximately 3 increased body hits can be created The result is reset when you fill The new unique impacts sound excellent, however they didn't work as they should. Instead of gearing up the Jadehasen with the damage buff, all weapons were rubbed up in your inventory.

bug makes every weapon a DPS device

Due to this non-intended impact, bungee totally disabled the jade bunnies completely. You can not equip it in any activity, just pull it out of your collection. So that you know how strong the bug was, the YouTuber Nod nah made a contrast: It can be seen how the YouTuber activates the effect of the weapon and then changes its weapon in an unwound manner. As typical, triggered exotic perks are typically shut down when altering weapons. When it comes to jade bunnies, nevertheless, the damage buff remained still with its legendary weapons. This made it possible for handguns to require opponents to their knees with two shots. Even rocket launchers were geared up with more damage. So it is easy to understand that such a serious error resulted in a deactivation. When will the weapon ended up being offered again? You don't know that. The other day a new upgrade for Destiny 2 appeared, nevertheless, it did not include a fix for the Jadehasen. It is doubtful when the great scout rifle can be actively used again. Nevertheless, given that lots of studios, including bungee, soon state goodbye to the winter trip, it might be that the error will not be repaired until the new year 2023. We will provide you with the most crucial updates and also in winter days, so I'm excited! If you wish to bake something for the NPCs in the meantime-here is the list of all ingredients and dishes for the 2022 approach: Fate 2: All the collecting event ingredients and recipes-so you bake in 2022 properly