Chimeras: The Best Assault Weapon In Warzone 2

The Chimera assault rifle was presented at Call of Duty: War zone 2 with the update of Season 1 Reloaded. The weapon falls under the Brien OPS platform and is well suited for near and medium battle on the battlefield.

Here is a guide to the chimera in War zone 2.


Best Equipment of Chimera War zone 2

  • Muzzle: Polarizes
  • Barrel: 10 inches SA Phoenix
  • Optical: Cronin mini pro
  • Subtract: pineapple ex
  • Magazine: store for 45 rounds
  • Settings of hinged equipment
    • Muzzle: vertical slider on-0.32 ounce and horizontal slider with +0.77 inches
    • Barrel: vertical slider with +0.50 pounds and horizontal slider with +0.22 inches
    • Supporting: horizontal slider on-0.23 inches The chimera is more like a submachine gun, so it is best to use it as a sniper weapon of support. You can try to use this weapon at more distant distances, but there are other more advanced options, such as TAQ-56, M4 and RPK. To assemble sniper support of the chimera shown above, we used devices that increase the range of weapons, the speed of the bullet and accuracy. To increase the firing range, install the Polarizes muffler and the Phoenix trunk on the weapon. These two devices, along with the forearm, EX Pineapple also help improve the control of the return of the gun. Then equip a store with 45 rounds to supply speed weapons with additional bullets. For the last fastening, we used the optics of near-action for better visibility. Instead, you can equip the LZR LAS 7MW if you are satisfied with the iron sight on the chimera. The laser will add a weapon speed (ADS) and the stability of aiming.

The best setting of the War zone 2 chimera class

  • Main weapon: chimera
  • Additional weapons: SP-X 80
  • Tactical: Snapshot Granite
  • Deadly: Seed
  • Park package: equip a package of perks specialist in arms if you want to have two main weapons in your equipment, otherwise select from Commando, Specter or any other package from your choice. Stay with us in the professional guide guides to learn more about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and War zone 2. In the meantime, go to our article on how to play the War zone 2 game mode in War zone 2.