Anime Pokemon Satoshi shines as a world champion over 25 years! The voice of the joy of the fan swept twitter

The main character of the anime Pocket Monster (Adipose) (TV Tokyo series), the main character, Satoshi (10), will determine the strongest Pokémon Battle in the 132nd episode of the current anime series broadcast on November 11th. He defeated the undefeated champion, Dance in the Ships, and was over 25 years since the first animation series broadcasting, and won the first world champion.

Since 1997, Adipose, which was broadcast, began on a journey for Satoshi, who grew up in Masala Town, Canto region, aiming for the Pokémon Master. Satoshi has participated in the Pokémon Battle tournament, Pokémon League, a Pokémon League in each region, along with his buddy Pikachu, and has won the league for the first time in the Aurora League (2019) held in the Aurora region.


At the Pokémon World Championship Sips, which Satoshi grabbed this time, the world's unbeaten world's strongest champion, the world's strongest champion, the Shin-O-region champion, the Diego of the Horn Local Champion, the Water of the Canto Joust Regional Champion, the Karol Local Champion. Carpet, Calls Lee MIAGE Tournament, Alan, Ice Local Champion Iris, and Aurora's first champion Satoshi, and trainers with champion-class skills in each region's league, and the Pokémon battle at the highest tide is unfolded. I was.

Diego in the first game, Satoshi, who defeated the second game, Girona, crashed with the undefeated world champion, Dance. The finals, which began in a 6-to-6 full battle, in the battle for a long and retreat, and at the end, Satoshi's partner, Pikachu, defeated Dance's Pokemon Harvard, and Satoshi won the world champion. The news that Satoshi became a world champion was aired on a large vision in Shibuya, Tokyo, and on Twitter, Satoshi victory is trendy. Many people seemed to be impressed by Satoshi's hand-held Pokémon appearing in all-star appearances, and at the same time, Satoshi retirement and protagonist exchange in the content that can be said to be the total financial results so far, and the achievement of Satoshi's wishes. Many voices are worried about the end of the anime and the hero interaction with the series.

However, even if Satoshi becomes a world champion or anime ends, it has not become a true Pokémon Master. There is no doubt that the trip between Satoshi and Pikachu will continue for many viewers.

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