Valorant: Is it possible to make an ace with the worst gun in the game? In less than a blink eye!

The Shorty weapon is considered by many to be the worst of Valorant. It is true that by the little it costs, it can be a good option in the first round of each bank or echo, to look for a good angle closely and surprise your long-distance opponents, it does not damage. Also, you can shoot only twice before recharging it, which forces the player to hit the bullet in more than one player to add the deaths.

We know there are players who are big fans of short-range weapons, such as Judge or Bucky, but Shorty hardly has an impact on competitive games, as we can see on pages that analyze Along's weapons.

An ace in less than four seconds

In the video above, we can see a match that was on the score of 10 to 7 on the ASCENT map, when the time came to defend Bomb A. The Killjoy Defender went with Shorty, looking for a quick death to have a better weapon then And ensure more advantage on the scoreboard, trying to get your team only two points away from the victory.

Fade striker used her Ultimate, but that didn't deprive Million of being in a good position. Omen and Phoenix's smoke helped pocket damage and prevent them from entering at once. From there, the magic began.

In just two rounds of shots, Killjoy managed to kill the entire enemy team. In the first, Viper and Phoenix were slaughtered, while in the next two bullets, she did the same with the rest of the team. This play became the economic round upside down, giving weapons to the rest of the team.

The good thing about Valorant is that, in the end, if you know how to use the skills or weapons you have at your disposal, you may have options to go through complicated rounds or get weapons for your team and consequently reduce the economy of opponents.


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