Star Wars The Mandalorian disguises Halloween and teaches us to cook these Grogu cookies

Grog is to eat it, and more when it is a rich cookie. On the occion of Halloween, for a few days the official Star Wars website h shared some recipes bed on the characters in the saga. And any more irresistible than little Baby Yoda? The co-star of The Mandalorian Luce now disguised ghost , can be seen in the Instagram publication under these lines.

To elaborate these cookies you will need ingredients such flour, math powder tea, chemical yet, salt, butter without salt, sugar, egg and vanilla essence. The most complicated recipe is to give it the correct way , since a minimum skill is required. If you suspended pltic, perhaps the resulting character looks more like Baby Erik or ABBA the hut than to Grog, who knows.

The third seon of The Mandalorian, in February 2023


If nothing changes, the creative team led by Jon Favre and Dave Felony will premiere the third seon of Star Wars: The Mandalorian in February next year. The series will continue the adventures of Din Darin and Grog in the galaxy far, far away. On this occion, both will embark on a journey towards Mangalore , where the Mandalorian will have to pursue an ancient prophecy to be readmitted to his religious cult. In the background, a conflict with Powhatan Prize, sister of Duchess Satire and piring to govern the system, is allowed to glimpse.

Disney + h already premiered 6 of the 7 episodes of the first seon of Star Wars: Ardor , the prequel of Rogue One. On October 26 we can see all the chronicles of the chronicles of the Jedi, six pieces starring characters like Count Took or oka Tank. Beyond 2022 there will be a new Visions seon, the hoka and Skeleton Crew series, also set in the time of The Mandalorian, that is, after the return of the Jedi.


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