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Daemon, a cartoon and animation that is popular all over the world in 2022. Daemon from the future is to take out various future tools to help Xingu, and the feast of the quirky and interesting future tools that cross the border between science and magic. When I was young, I would like to see the future tools in Daemon and gather only those who think, 'I hope this future.'

However, since Daemon itself is a classic cartoon that is serialized from the 1970s to the mid-90s, some future tools here are often embodied in reality. Of course, bamboo helicopters, doors, time machines, and four-dimensional pockets are still agent, but some of the game-related tools that Xingu often enjoy can be found in reality in 2022. Today, we have collected future tools in Daemon, which can be found in reality due to the development of IT technology, including games.

TOP 5. Three-dimensional Model Camera-GANVERSE 3D + 3D Printer

Xingu always wants to have high-quality toys played by Visit. One of the tools that Daemon often pulls out for such a truth is the model camera. If you take a picture of the real object, it is a machine that makes it a 3D model. At first, it was pulled out in a plastic model format, but since it appears frequently, it is often just like a figure.

This becomes possible soon in reality. You can use the ADVERSE 3D technology released by NVIDIA in 2021. This technology is to guess and generate a 3D model in 2D photos through the AI neural network, and it becomes a great figure by dating the 3D model made by 3D printers. Although NVIDIA has not completely commercialized the technology yet, it is unlikely that the CEO of Jensen Hwang promised to distribute it soon.

TOP 4. Automatic microphone typewriter-voice recognition + printer

It is not surprising that there are more bad files as they go to younger people. Unlike the past, where you had to use everything with pencils and pens, it's time to write a keyboard, a touchpad, or even photos. Personally, I really like it now. I don't know if you're using handwriting well, but if you are not confident in the text, you feel a lot of burden when writing external documents.

In the past, in the past, Daemon has taken out the voice automatic tighter lighter for the pain of being suffering from bad files. When you talk to the microphone, it is a microphone+printer set that is printed automatically. Of course, as the voice recognition technology has developed, the technology that turns voice into text is no longer new. In some games, will some games introduce the technology that AI catches by texting swear words and despite remarks in voice chat? Of course, I will print a text that has been modified with a touchpad rather than that device, so that Daemon's tool has already become a technology that has already flowed.

TOP 3. Mood Mechanism-facial expression analysis application

Daemon's tool is a mood meter. It looks like a mirror or a large magnifying glass, and if you put it on a person's face, the person's mood appears in the form of a weather. For example, if you feel good, the sun rises, but if you are sad, it rains, when you are angry, the clouds are caught. It is possible to use this to show the test report card when you feel good.

This is, of course, one of the technologies commercialized in reality. The facial expression analysis applications and sites are no longer surprising because they are too much. When you enter a picture, emotions such as horns, contempt, happiness, sorrow, surprise, and disgust are displayed as a complex percentage. Just convert it into a weather mark according to the numbers and complete the mood meter! Now it's relieved to see the test report card!

TOP 2. Box & TV phone as desired-smartphone

In the 90s, I had to write a letter or use my home to contact a friend at a distant friend. There was no personal cell phone, so when I received my friend's parents, it was a time when I was thinking that the etiquette, Hello, is a sung friend Xingu, is you at the sung house? It was time to detect a voice call alone, so it was a dream area to exchange photos or videos with the phone, and to watch TV or listen to music.


Daemon also has many future tools dealing with these features. You can change your home TV by phone to make a video call, show TV, listen to music, and take pictures. Of course, all the features here are all in your smartph1. You can even enjoy much more high-quality games than Visit's latest portable game consoles.

TOP 1. Wireless Control Simulator-Mario Cart Live & Experienced Chair

One of the entertainment tools of Daemon, who loves to play, is a wireless controller simulator. It controls a minicab with cameras and sensors, and shares its sight and shock. When the Monica is shaken, the cockpit is shaken, and the landscape where the moving place can be seen in real time.

Of course, similar games exist in reality. It was already released through the Mario Cart Live: Home Circuit in 2020, and running the landscape in reality by controlling the built-in camera. Xingu had an accident again in that car, but we drive quietly without the accident because the minicab price is a waste.


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