LOL: Red Bull returns only Q where only the best LATAM player will rise with the trophy

The League of Legends community is accustomed to seeing 5Vs5 and long tournaments where the teams fight for the first position of the table, but some brands have created events for individual players who fight in battles for face to face against their rivals to define The best player, being this event replicated in several countries now touches Mexico Receive the highest exponents.

The best Latin American players of League of Legends will face closed doors at the Riot Arena in Mexico City to find the first regional champion in the history of competition. This Mastercard year joins Red Bull only Q as an official sponsor to offer League of Legends Esports fans a 1V1 experience that #Neese Price and the possibility of finding the best player. The 2 Mexican classified will be defined on October 14 at the National Final of Red Bull only Q in Mexico . These will join the 2 players of Colombia, 2 players from Argentina and 2 players in Chile who will compete in the regional final on Saturday 15.

Competition schedule

  • 3 PM-Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras.


  • 4 PM-Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Panama.
  • 6 PM-Chile and Argentina

Our mission, as a brand, is to connect with people through their passions. We are excited to continue creating experiences that have no price for all League of Legends fans and provide access to a world-class event with the opportunity to connect with renowned guests and live the intensity of a regional final, said Michelle Room, Vice President of Mastercard Communication and Marketing for Mexico and Central America.

An event that will put the fanatic to enjoy the individual clashes of the best players in the region who will seek a huge prize, it should be noted that we have seen this type of competitions in previous years, now it is up to Mexico to be the headquarters that will crown The maximum player of the region next week, and we can enjoy this in the official transmission of the event.


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