Interview Tower of Fantasy: Updates, simulacres style and the concept of Gacha Games in inquiries

Sky : Hi! My name is Skies, I am the leader of the tower of dream team.

As you mention, wild is currently extra dangerous as well as extreme for players. From currently on, the enemy does not just take the type of animals orbosses,yet the environment itself is aggressive. It was a challenge for us to include this element to the video game technicians. As an example, while you check out the Vera desert, you can be confronted with sandstorms or locate on your own in moving sands. These 2 natural sensations can be dangerous for your character, so you have to pay attention to what you do and also prepare to shelter if you locate that time adjustments.

JOB: Ruby is as a result the latest simulacrum in day deployed in the Western version of tower of dream. Can you detail its capabilities? As well as what can you tell us regarding the following personalities to come in tower of dream, and their function in the game auto mechanics? .

Games online: In the West, Gotta Workshop is not yet effectively known. Can you present us to the workshop and also clarify its certain links to us with hence ? And also can you present and also inform us about your duty in the advancement team? .

_ Fin 2021, Gotta Studio introduced Tower of Fantasy in China as well as in August, the MMORPG Cross-Plateforme was the topic of a location in the West-and in certain in French. tower of dream is frequently upgraded (a variation 2.0 deployed in the West on October 20, while the Chinese variation is regarding advance in version 2.3) and we took the possibility to send a few questions to the advancement team in order to learn even more concerning the process of productions of updates and the perception of simulates (archetypes of playable characters of TOF ), or on the real concept of Geisha Video game, undoubtedly prominent with players today Hui but that additionally elevates concerns about their economical design. Therefore, Tower of Fantasy is developed independently by Gotta Studio as well as released by Level Infinite , the world tag of Tencent Gaming.

Thank you for spending us time! .

When we present a new character, we think about his primary abilities as well as game systems, connected with the character as well as his style, along with the appropriate combinations. We strengthen the procedure to produce an extra full as well established personality, taking into account the means it fits into the basic plot, with its skills, etc.

Update 2.3 of the Chinese version of tower of dream will certainly lead the players to a new card qualified Marie: it is completely various from the Vera desert and also the city of Mirror, but when it comes to Vera, the players will certainly have the ability to find numerous New functions at stake. We are conscious that our gamers aspire to uncover all the brand-new content that is released in the Chinese variation of the video game, as well as we do our finest to offer this material as rapidly as possible to our global neighborhood.

Sure! We are really pleased to see that numerous French gamers pertain to play the game and also appreciate it with their friends. Furthermore, we are also pleased to see leading French influencers play tower of dream, spread it in streaming and also create quality web content. And also what we want to claim to the entire area is: remain to appreciate tower of dream as well as please share your remarks with us. We have official networks for French-speaking players on Facebook , Twitter and also Discord, and we are still present for you! We like our French-speaking neighborhood, and also we have actually also listened to that the computer animated culture is popular in France. For those of you that have never tried TOF, we hope you appreciate our game!

Job: Do you have a comment for French-speaking gamers from Tower of Fantasy? .

The VERA expansion supplies gamers two brand-new areas-the Bobby, irradiated and also wild desert, and in its center, City Cyberpunk Mirror. At very first glance, this gleaming city may look like an oasis and also use a reprieve from the violence of the desert, however the players will rapidly discover that it is also filled with conflicts and also risks. |.

JOB: tower of dream was launched in the West last August and October 20, version 2.0 was released, especially with 2 new locations to explore (the Bobby desert as well as the advanced city of Mirror): Can you discuss the specifics of these 2 areas (certainly swept by climatic results) and also the kind of material that gamers can locate there? As well as according to you, is the update available toBordeauxplayers who would just discover the game now (to recognize the circumstance, be degree with veteran gamers)? .

Our development group is currently composed of 200 people, with a strong built experience by dealing with well-known video games that have actually established titles based upon the Unreal Engine. Greater than 25% have experience invideo game design , imaginativestyleand also shows. This experience is reinforced by the main participants of the group who have years of experience in the advancement of action games, combat administration andLevel design . The members of our group are additionally extremely acquainted with the development of titles using the Unreal Engine, which is additionally an advantage for our team. Hence, Tower of Fantasy is developed independently by Gotta Studio as well as released by Level Infinite , the world label of Tencent Gaming.

And also both for new gamers and veterans, we have prepared a choice to choose to proceed the main plot of Tower of Fantasy or zap it simply after the tutorial to directly access the Vera expansion. If you're a brand-new tower of dream player, do not worry, you can begin with the Vera expansion and also uncover the initial framework later on.

And also for Ruby's design, we truly assume that she has to have been adorable, yet likewise that her history echoes the abysses. We as a result integrated her childish look to remarkable powers. In the game, the duty of Ruby in the group fight is that of an explosivedamages (bring upon large damage). Flicker , the weapon that accompanies Ruby, generates rays of pure energy as well as is both trendy and extremely harmful.

Ruby joined the Simulacra gallery, gone along with by Dolly, her rabbit doll. Ruby gets started with her a brand-new effective weapon, Flicker, which produces ruining fire assaults. As for the next characters, we are not yet ready to disclose more information yet, simply so that the gamers are amazed when the time comes. We have lots of concepts to integrate right into the game-both with brand-new characters as well as their distinct battle designs.

We desire the gamers to value our video game and play it routinely, which is why the geisha element of the player's experience is both important and sensitive for us. I assume that in the future, games will still be able to enhance the gamers' experience by optimizing formulas to make the game mechanisms less disappointing, since in the end, the objective of the games is always to have fun, and also we should always remember it.

Job: The personalities (the simulates) are an essential element Gameplay of Tower of Fantasy, insofar as they enable to unlock new weapons and skills, as well as they hence help to renew the game experience. Can we Clarify the procedure of creating a simulacrum? Exactly how do you determine their gameplay? Is it depending upon the expectations of the players? Relying on the future web content of the video game? Based upon characters currently available to establish synergies? .

Job: Just how do you see the future of Geisha Gaming? Some Geisha video games are extremely prominent, but the economic version (essentially fortunate) undergoes discuss, as well as is often really irritating for players (as an example when they stop working to unlock the character of their choice). Just how do you understand this problem? Just how to avoid way too much frustration in gamers? Do you have reflections on just how Geisha Games could play in the future? .

The beginning factor when we review brand-new characters (simulacrum) is naturally the fact that layout should be different from the gallery of already existing personalities, however likewise the method they will certainly cohabit with the various other characters, with the world of play, whether in regard totraditionas well as game auto mechanics. At the exact same time, we think about which attributes will make the personality unique contrasted to others. For example, fire is the major element of Ruby, and also we have actually made her name resemble, similar to her identity, his bio and also her look. From a social perspective, the fire element stands for hope, positivity and also interest, as well as it perfectly matches to Ruby.

Job: Regarding the future of tower of dream, the Chinese variation is on the method to evolving in version 2.3 (after a version 2.1 which continues the story of Vera and also a version 2.2 obviously dedicated to Real estate). .

THIS From the very initial principles, tower of dream was fundamentally taken an MMORPG. Making all the mechanics interesting in a gameplay of common globe was our primary objective. And we keep this ideology for updates ahead. Like any kind of MMORPG, tower of dream is a constantly advancing project, so we are still researching originates to integrate into the game-starting with event auto mechanics, dungeons or instances,Globe employersor climatic conditions in The video game. As well as all these functions are integrated with the concept that they will be checked out by teams of players, so communications are a critical part of the gameplay. We have also added some interesting social functions in Vera, such as brand-newdramatizes _, brand-new ways of connecting with group participants,Presetsof the pet cat, and so on. And there are a lot more features that we will certainly include in the game in the future.

Job: Appropriately or wrongly, tower of dream is commonly compared to GENGHIS INFLUENCE . .

_ Fin 2021, Gotta Studio released tower of dream in China and in August, the MMORPG Cross-Plateforme was the subject of a place in the West-and particularly in French. tower of dream is routinely updated (a variation 2.0 released in the West on October 20, while the Chinese variation will evolve in variation 2.3) as well as we seized the day to submit a few concerns to the growth team in order to learn more concerning the process of productions of updates and the conception of simulates (archetypes of playable personalities of TOF ), or on the very concept of Geisha Game, obviously prominent with gamers today Hui but who additionally questions regarding their financial version. Gotta Workshop addresses us. _.

As an instance, let's take the process of developing Ruby.

Job: Rightly or mistakenly, tower of dream is usually contrasted to GENSHIN IMPACT . We have main channels for French-speaking gamers on Facebook , Twitter and Discord, and we are still existing for you!

Then we stopped Ruby's design, her visual design and also how she was integrated into background. It was after that time to assume of Ruby's abilities: how she strikes, what is her role within a group, how we will balance her capabilities with those of other characters.

Both locations use their share of new missions, unpublished events, raids, bodies, beasts and also fabulousbosses to face, as well as new lorries to be unlocked and brand-new tools to master. It is in an area of the desert recognized as the Interspace that the most significant challenge awaits you. Upon going into the Interspace, the entire atmosphere darkens, bringing with it a feeling of worry and the threat of crossing entities of the Interspace as well as all the opponents that haunt this location. The entities of the Interspace occur in several forms as well as are in charge of the degradation of the already vulnerable environment of Vera. The deadliest of them are known as void, however for wanderers which are bold adequate to face them, the honors are bountiful.


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