How to play Apex Legends Shadow Royale in time mode

Apex Legends Shadow Royale is a limited mode, which is usually produced approximately during Halloween in the Fight or Fear event. Shadow Royale is similar to the usual Battle Royale mode that three people participate in it, and the last remaining team wins. However, the Shadow Royale has several terrible turns that give the players a unique way of the game.

How does Shadow Royale work in Apex Legends?

Shadow Royale allows dead players to return to Shadow Form. Being in a shadow form, you can run faster, make double jumps and run along the walls, turning into a terrifying monster that always haunts you. Teams are excluded if all living members are killed, therefore, while one player is alive, there can be two teammates in a shadow form.

of shadow shape in Apex Legends

While in shadow form, you lose your legendary abilities and cannot use weapons, but you get very powerful abilities. In addition to extremely quick movement and classic running along the walls of Titan fall, you can also perform quick and destructive hand-to-hand contractions and play a key role in maintaining your team in the game. Here are the characteristics and abilities of Shadow Form:

  • Health: 50
  • Damage in close combat: 50
  • Hand-to-hand combat has greater reach and can instantly destroy the doors.

THE * Can revive live teammates * Can kick objects * Unlimited revival (5-second recovery time after death)

The shadows really have very little health, and each revival is marked on a map for enemies in a red circle and a visible indicator of the distance. The shadows will automatically be filled next to the closest teammate in a safe place.

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