Tower of Fantasy: Tonnerre blades, develop as well as crow's matrices

Summary Program

Each character has his very own weapon inTower of Fantasy _. If the last are just skins once the weapon is acquired, they are nevertheless intriguing.

Construct as well as materials for thunder blades

Skills and development of the weapon

Crow awakening and presents

Build and also materials for thunder blades


2 spaces: gradually raises the damages by 1% when you touch a target. Difficult 1.5 seconds, cumulative as much as 10/13/16/ 20 times.

4 spaces: boosts by 16%/ 22%/ 30%/ 40% of the strike on the damage of the EME celebrities.

Abilities and development of the weapon

All slices of 10 degrees, you have to utilize unique resources to raise the capacity of a weapon. The higher the level, the a lot more the price will certainly likewise be, with new sources to locate.

Crow For each duplicate acquired, the power of Crow's weapon is reinforcing with responsibilities.

Crow's weapon is lightning and DPS, which implies that it completely manipulates this element throughout fights. It has a suitable crack price as well as a good recharge, which build up at its attack speed and its combinations. It is not particularly efficient by itself yet provides excellent motions in battle.


Each personality has his own weapon inTower of Fantasy _. If the last are just skins once the weapon is gotten, they are however interesting. Crow, with its thunder blades, prefers battle to body-to-body as well as raw damage. Crow's weapon is lightning and also DPS, which suggests that it completely exploits this component during battles.

If the progression of thunder blades is specifically crucial, we should not neglect the affinity with the associated personalities. The latter have 6 levels of relationship, using an avatar, pieces of conversation or an easy quality. To reach this awakening stage, you need to provide gifts to the simulacrum. Some are much more reliable in getting crow's self-confidence.


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