The original fun, Priston Tail M Google, Apple, One Store released

On the 2nd, Pau Games launched its mobile MMORPG 'Priston Tail M'.


Priston Tail M is a mobile MMORPG developed based on the PC's original Prist Tail, which focused on the original game and memories, and contains core fun elements such as party play, former job, skill reinforcement, and pet growth.

In addition, the company's own developing engine 'Ray Engine' reduces the loading time when moving the map, and provides a stable game environment for long-term play.

Priston Tail M can be downloaded from Google Play, Apple App Store, and One Store.

Lee Kwang-jae, CEO of Pau Games, said, Priston Tail M is a game that collects all core technologies such as Powgames' operating know-how and its own developing engine., I will humbly accept the opinion that I give.

For more information, please visit the Priston Tail M official cafe.


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