Chris Pratt says that Super Mario Bros. teaser is impressive

Yesterday it was confirmed that next October the first official teaser of the movie of Super Mario Bros will finally be revealed. _Al tape, ensures that there is nothing to fear, and this advance will impress us all.

Through his official account on his Twitter, Pratt shared a small message where he assures that he already saw the teaser that will be shown during the New York Comic-with . Along with this, he has pointed out that the work he had the opportunity to see surprised him, feeling that we will also have.


I just saw the Teaser trailer for the first time. I am simply impressed. You will be, I promise you. This is very special. I can not wait!!!

From the revelation that Chris Pratt will be Mario's voice in this film, Many have questioned this decision , especially considering what we do not know how this will work. Fortunately, less and less is missing for all doubts to be clarified.

The movie of Super Mario Bros. will arrive at theaters on April 7, 2023. On related issues, here we tell you exactly when this advance will be available. Similarly, this would be the name of the tape.


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