What kind of environment does Valve employees work? Delivering a tour in the head office with a full -scale ATLAS and Marenia [Local Repo] [Update]

The other day, the GAMESPARK editorial department was invited to the head office in Valve Corporation headquarters in Belvue, Washington, USA. STEAM DECK * Interviews with developers were conducted, but this article delivered the Valve headquarters tour. A lot of spectacles spread there, from surprising to things that were irresistible for fans.

What is the office that develops Steam, which gathers more than 30,000 games

This time, we had VALVE's kindness and show various places. Although some were photography NG, I was able to see the center of the development site and spend a very interesting time.

Reception hall

First, the reception hall. After all VALVE is a valve that is also a company name. Many people remember the image of a person with a valve on his head. It is sitting at the entrance of the hall, and it stands out.

The stairs beside the reception. As you climb up, you will find a training gym. According to the story, one dedicated trainer is addressed to one employee, supporting employees. Valve in the world.

The next thing that stands out is here. A life-sized marenian statue of Eldenring located next to the Steam VR experience corner. It is very detailed and powerful. But why is the character of from software...?

However, when I looked closely at my hand, I had a familiar companion cube in the Portal series.

In addition, a PC case with the Half-Life series motif was on display under the stairs. Very heavy construction with a unique atmosphere unique to the work.

A winning trophy given to the winning team at the world tournament The International in Data 2 near the entrance was also on display. Since I often play DOTA2, I am impressed to see the real trophy of the World Games up close.

Next to it, there are many trophys that praised many awards to gold bars. The glorious history of Valve is engraved here.

Around President's Office

Next is around the president's office. First of all, the life-size ATLAS that appeared in Portal2 is noticeable. The details were made.

Immediately next to it is a Portal gun that is familiar in the Portal series and a gravity gun that is also familiar in the Half-Life series. One of the portal guns is the signs of the staff.

In addition, a miniature of rockets of the satellite launch mission is also exhibited by the window to commemorate the sponsorship with the aerospace company Rocket Lab. I feel that there are exhibits like this because we are sponsoring and cooperating with various companies.

Open space

Next is an open space for staff. This time, we visited two hierarchies, but there was a space with food like the photo in both cases. Of course, if you are an employee, you can eat and drink freely.

In addition, in the space for eating, we prepared breakfast and lunch for us we visited this time. Bread food in the morning and Chinese-style dishes in the afternoon. Especially in the morning bread, each one is large. According to the story, I prepared the size size, the smallest. I was full just by eating one.

There was a space for children to play in the immediate vicinity. A small child was a place like a daycare center, and a smaller child had a small game center, so that he could enjoy pinball games. I wanted to play honestly...

I also got a souvenir. A tumbler engraved with a Steam icon, a booklet and note commemorating the Steam Deck sales decision in Asia this time. In particular, the STEAM DECK release commemorative booklet is a valuable one that is probably 100 books in the world, just for the media. The contents of the book were written in Asian languages the charm of Steam Deck.

Hardware production site

From here, we are finally going to the development site. The first thing I saw was a laboratory such as VR. Here we conduct various hardware and software experiments. Equipment such as motion capture is also installed, and all games and out-of-game trials are performed in this space.

Going further, there were prototypes of Steam VR and Steam controller. At first, the version is gradually repeated from the one that was created by combining existing parts, etc., so you can see at a glance the flow that will eventually change to the product that appeared in the world.

And next to it is a room that developed the hardware part of Steam Deck. This was a photography NG, so I got inside and received a commentary. There were several desks in the room, and several specialized staff worked, such as those who develop the mechanism of energization, those who create control chips, and those who develop physical buttons.

In addition, there was a caster under the table, and it was possible to move the place at any time by removing the lock. Employees are free to be involved in projects they are interested in, and they need to move on a flexible way, so they are preparing such a table.

Next, the room that exhibited prototypes is displayed. Until now, there were a lot of things that were helpful or prototyped for the production of Steam Deck.

First of all, a huge number of platforms and controllers are prototyped. It is still only a part, and it seems that he actually made a lot of prototypes. Some of them are in the process of developing only controllers, and some trackpad areas are rounded.

This prototype has been made for the controller part and the outer frame. You can also understand that the user is the longest place to touch, so that you have been prototyped many times based on ergonomics.

As shown in the photo, materials such as how much the human hand can be touched is also attached to the wall. After these surveys and research, they seemed to be in the current form of Steam Deck.

There are a lot of development sketches on another wall. It seems that some types of controllers could be flexible, while others were running back, back, back, left and right to some extent.

And this prototype model was made in the final stage. This model is produced and distributed to about 100 Valve employees as a prototype. It seems that a thorough test was conducted. Even though one prototype can be created or mass-produced tens of thousands of tens of thousands, if you look at the mass production of 3 or more devices packed with high-end electronic devices for prototypes, it is to Steam Deck. You can get a glimpse of Valve's seriousness.

From there, we continued to develop, and finally settled down to the right shape. The hardware side of Steam Deck, completed at the end of hundreds of prototypes, is acclaimed by US users who have already sold.

In addition, we are particular about the case. Steam Deck is a portable device, so the case that protects the main unit also plays an important role. This also made prototypes many times and fits in the current form.

Steam Deck is completed only with the main body, power adapter, and bags to put the power adapter. So, when you open the Steam Deck, only the white wrapping paper on the outer frame. The only thing that minimizes the amount of garbage is that there is a desire to value the natural environment.

Finally, I showed me a dedicated dock, which is an additional accessories of Steam Deck scheduled to be released in the future. By connecting Steam Deck to this dock, you can use it in the same way as a normal Linux PC. As you can see in the photo, it works without any problems even if you start Blender and browser.

While inserting it in the dock, the LCD of Steam Deck can be used as a sub-display. Wired LAN can also be inserted into the dock. Of course, the specifications themselves are inferior to high-performance PCs, but they have sufficient performance as an entry model, so I think that it can be used for various purposes, such as when I want to learn PC work for children in the future. I am.

Output to a TV monitor is possible by going through the dock. Since it has the same system as a PC, it can be used with any controller if it is a game controller that can currently connect to a PC. That is the best way to cooperate and play in the environment where the PS5 controller, the Xbox controller, and the Nintendo switch controllers coexist.

By the way, next to the Steam Deck experience session was a Tallet that is familiar in the Portal series. I was a little excited about when to be shot.

VALVE Headquarters is a world like a toy box for large children

This is the whole story of the Valve headquarters tour. I looked around Valve's headquarters in this way, but I felt that each staff member was working very freely and with confidence. I felt that the company was proud and pleasure in making games and involved.

And the pursuit of the pursuit is to the extreme for the user. That's why I felt that Valve was able to produce a platform Steam that attracts hundreds of millions of users.

Update (2022/08/07 12:10): Corrected the character name of the article title and the text. Thank you for pointing out in the comments section.


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