Steam version SD Gundam Battle Alliance Simultaneous connection player has started well. While global popularity, user reviews are divided

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment released SD Gundam Battle Alliance on August 25. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam) and PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch. The new Gundam game seems to be a very good start on Steam.

SD Gundam Battle Alliance is an action RPG with the theme of the Mobile Suit Gundam series. A wide variety of mobile suits and characters from the series appeared, and co-stars beyond the world view of each work. The mobile suit in game play appears as a low-head SD Gundam. The stage of this work is the world G: Universe, which has a different false story from each of the originals of the series. We will fight to fix it to the original story. In the game play, it can fight with two consoles, and also supports up to three cooperative plays.

The player develops a new mobile suit while running through the famous scenes of various Gundam works. There are also mobile suits growth and enhancement elements, such as the status enhancement of capital (currencies) and the equipment equipped with extended parts that have special effects. It is the characteristics of this work that raises your favorite mobile suit and makes power. In addition, when the aircraft is obtained, the boarding pirot in the original will also be a friend (excluding some mass-produced machines). It is a nice place for fans to have both popular characters and mobile suits in the series.

After the release today on August 25, the number of simultaneous connection players at Steam quickly exceeded 10,000 (SteamDB). At the time of this writing, it is the top rank in the Sales Top category at Steam. In addition, even in the world-global sales charts, Marvel’ s Spider-Man Remastered is ranked third and ranked third. It seems that both players and sales are performing well.

As a robot genre of Bandai Namco Entertainment in the past, the number of simultaneous connections at the peak at the Super Robot Wars 30 was 17,7005. Following the great success, SD Gundam Battle Alliance is also attracting the number of players approaching it. It can be said that the expansion of overseas expansion in Steam is doing well.

In the Steam user review, about 250 reviews are currently being received. There are 15 Japanese reviews. On the other hand, the fact that the number of simplified, verdicts, and Korean users is particularly high can indicate the popularity of Gundam in Asia. It supports 12 languages such as English, simplified, Traditional, and Korean. One of the reasons for the strong demand is one of the reasons for the strong demand. In addition, it is the same as Super Robot Wars 30 that the number of simplified and traditional characters in user reviews is large (related article).


On the other hand, the evaluation of this work in the Steam user review is that the majority (65 %) players are popular at the time of writing, but the status seems to be pros and cons. As a dissatisfaction, some users seem to be aware that the action surface is monotonous, and some users are issuing boss enemies. On the other hand, there are voices that can be played using a variety of mobile suits, and scenarios that extracted famous scenes of the series.

SD Gundam Battle Alliance has a strong start. It seems that the place where the original Gundam series, such as pilots, aircraft, and scenarios, is fully included. On the other hand, the game system may be expected to be updated that incorporates users' voices in the future.

SD Gundam Battle Alliance is on sale for PC (Steam) and PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch.


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