Nintendo, 'Handing with Denubo to prevent illegal replication of switch

Illegal replication spread to the Nintendo Switch. What if Denubo is applied? Ireto, a security solution provider, said that the Nintendo Switch software will also protect Nintendo Switch software.

The newly released Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection is the first anti-tamper solution applied to the Nintendo Switch. This feature is used to prevent illegal acts of playing Nintendo Switch games as an emulator on a PC.

Iredeto said in a statement that the Nintendo Console suffered from illegal copying for a long time and the Nintendo switch was no different. In particular, the switch game said that many people are illegally copied from the first day of launch and play it as a PC emulator.

It is difficult to identify the exact number of Nintendo switch games as an emulator, but Ireto Rainhard Blow Kobitz insisted that it is easy to find emulation and illegal forums. Denubo added to the effect.

Denubo's technology is applied by a code insertion method that blocks gameplay in the emulator. Ireto also said that the technology work smoothly without affecting the game experience.

Piracy Denubo has been widely known as an anti-tamper solution that is applied to PC games and prevents illegal cloning. There have been many controversial controversy that the performance of the game with Denubo is applied, but it has been applied to large games with strong cloning performance.

Nintendo Switch, meanwhile, has been damaged by illegal cloning since its launch. NVIDIA's Tegra Custom Chip, which is applied to the switch, has been steadily experiencing security issues, such as security vulnerabilities and problems that can run external software with only software. In addition, a large number of illegal cloning games have been shared through PC emulation and device modification firmware with lower performance and game size than other mounting consoles.

Denubo's 'Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection' has not been disclosed, but it is interested in whether Nintendo will be more actively moving for security and reducing the damage.


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