Hogwarts Legacy: The Black Lake appears in a new promotional video. Time to use gills?

After the announcement of its postponement to 2023 (finally allowing us to have a launch date of February 10), Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy delights us again this week with the announcement of its presence in the Gamescom next week but Also with a new 20-minute ASMR video full of images never seen before.

Another ASMR video for Hogwarts Legacy

You might think that this long video is nothing more than an environmental video with some sounds and beautiful landscapes, but the reality is very different. Here we are entitled to 20 minutes of sequences in the game in 4K that show us the impressive beauty of the graphics but also of the emblematic places of the Harry Potter saga.

As a reminder, a special A ASMR video of the previous winter was also published, which shows us a ton of content about the town of Hogsmeade. On this occasion, we headed for Hogsmeade and Hogwarts, very close to the terrible Lake Black .

The black lake and the prohibited forest

Before talking about the Black Lake, let's return to a recent Hogwarts Legacy tweet that shows us the forbidden forest. This teaser teaches us that the Gamescom trailer should be precisely focused on this emblematic forest that Ron Weasley and all aacnopobic hate.

With respect to the black lake, no strange creature was seen in the ASMR video, but we suspect that some sirens and other monsters could appear in Hogwarts Legacy. Is it necessary to play under water to completely explore Hogwarts and its surroundings? If so, we hope that the maneuverability is there and that we can eat gaps to breathe

Do not hesitate to watch the full video, it is full of small pleasant details and allows you to wait for the next game trailer on August 23.


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