There is already arrival date for the Chapulín Colorado in Fall Guys

It seems that the franchises of Chespirito Little by little they want to enter the video games, we saw that at the time with the arrival of El Chapulín Colorado to Battle Royale par excellence, Fortnite. And now, another game of Epic Games wants to join the party, so the iconic character will join the falls of Fall Guys in the next few days.

This special outfit is separated into two parts, the upper and lower one, and it is best to carry with it the iconic chipote chillón to do company in the most rough battles to win the crown. But that is not all, since you can also acquire the gesture of that does not panda el cunico, which must be bought individually from the Skin.

It is worth mentioning that the suit will be available for a limited time. Specifically from July 9 to 13 . So you have to hurry to get it.

Also, there is a way of winning the Skins of El Chapulín Colorado , this through a dynamic that implies creating a history of beans using this Mexican superhero attire. You have to print it on a sheet, to later bring creativity to the top and with this taking the experience of using the character within the game.


Here you can know all the bases.

For its part, who wishes to see the Skin in Action, can consult the transmission that the streamer will be known as Elded , who will organize a video game tournament on July 11 **.

Remember that Fall Guys is available in PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch and PC .


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