The best weapon in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

In Yakuza: Like a Dragon there is a lot of great weapons for work. You may be interested in which weapons are better so that you can correctly simulate your team. Below we provide seven best types of weapons in the game with our statistics. The name of each weapon includes the work that the character must do to use it, so you can decide which characters to use, depending on the work. This is much better than any weapon that you can choose in the game, so be sure to work on it.

7) Chrome alloy club (detective)

The purpose of the police club is not to constantly harm the criminals, but to force them to stop what they do through pain. In this regard, the Chrome alloy club is very effective. He has a very high attack, increasing the chance of a critical blow of physical attack skills. This is a first-class weapon for any detective, and you will find that you are using it quite often.

How to get a chrome alloy club

At first you will need Carbon Police from the Yokohama Underground Dungeon dungeon or 250 Marhan points. From there, you need to get a club of holy power, which is a reward of the 20th level in the combat arena of the Sootori. Go to the romance workshop and improve your Carbon police club to Club Allloy Club.

Statistics of weapons

attack *-319 Magic -179 Recovery -229

6) Blade of the Demon Muramas (bodyguard)

As you know, a weapon called Demon Blade is quite effective. Bleeding is an effect with high damage, which can be applied, and it is not restored naturally. This weapon can effectively lead to depletion of the enemy’s health from a blow to them, so it is very useful.

How to get a blade of Demon Muramas

Firstly, you need to find a nameless katana, which Shiga-san can give a player at the end of the crew 21: a garbage container of death. Ask a brilliant black item when Shiga-san offers you garbage. In addition, you can buy it in the Shogi store for 500 points. From there, just get Sakura Storm by buying it from Kamulop for 50 coats of arms of the Tojo clan, and go to the Romance workshop to improve it.

Statistics of weapons

attack *-333 Magic -160 Recovery -229

5) Special Force Shield (Enforcer)

The most effective attack is even the best defense, and Riot Shield proves this. Riot Shield is actually not used to protect and mainly represents a difficult object that can be beaten by people, but it is still incredibly deadly. This Riot Shield can also increase damage from electrical attacks.

How to get a SPECIAL OPS RIOT Shield shield

Firstly, you need to get a bulletproof shield from a silver safe in the headquarters of geomijula or buy it in the gambling gym for 500 wooden tokens. Then you need to find an absolute shield in the Segy store for 150,000 points. Go to the romance workshop and create a shield of your dreams there.

The characteristics of the weapon

attack *-333 Magic -225 Recovery -229

4-Fake Ace (dealer)

This is one of the most stupid additions on this list, but the damage that it does is not so stupid. A fake ace increases the chances of getting a good effect from the dealer skills, but the best in it is its high characteristics. It may not be as good as those on the list, but still can be an effective weapon.

how to get a fake ace

To get a fake acceum, you need to get a Tarot casino and a Royal Joker map of 100,000 points each. In addition, you can always get a tarot card as a reward for the hero’s quest for half-time Bento and Bonsai. You can also purchase Royal Joker for 10 million yen in Le Marche.

The characteristics of the weapon

attack *-333 Magic -225 Recovery -318

3) Hammer of Heaven and Earth (foreman)


The hammer of the sky and earth is very close to becoming the most powerful weapon on this list. This would be the best weapon, if not for the lack of healing. The best part of the hammer of the sky and the earth is that it inflicts more damage with stupid attacks, which makes great sense.

How to get a hammer in heaven and earth

You need to get a rusty hammer from cells with van to get heavenly and earthly hammer. It costs about 500 points, but you need to score 30,000 points to Batting Cages to make Starcrusher improve a rusty hammer to the hammer of heaven and earth.

Statistics of weapons

attack *-344 Magic -160 Recovery -307

2) Knut of pleasure (Queen of the night)

This whip of pleasure does not at all enjoy. This is one of the strongest weapons in the game and is inferior only to the best weapons in the game. In addition to his already unimaginably high attack, he boasts very high indicators of magic and healing. Each ordinary attack that you are committing also gives you an increase in health, which is quite cool.

How to get a whip of pleasure

Firstly, you need to get a sadistic whip in the Love Magic store for 500,000 yen. Then you must receive an electric whip as a reward of the 26th level in the combat arena of the SEO. From there, take the weapon to the workshop of romance and make the whip of pleasure.

The characteristics of the weapon

  • Attack-344
  • Magic-232
  • Healing-343

1-Bat Mouse The Legendary Hero (Hero)

Although this may seem stupid, the bat’s battery is not what you can laugh at. Possessing high characteristics of attack and healing, this weapon is incredibly powerful compared to all other weapons in the game. For ordinary attacks, this gives you even more blows, and this is great, because you can apply more damage for each combo.

How to get the legendary bat

At the beginning of the game, you get a self-proclaimed bat, but you need to improve it so that it becomes the legendary bat. The novel workshop will allow you to improve it, but you need to reach the 30th level before you can improve it to this level.

Statistics of weapons

attack *-344 Magic -215 Recovery -332

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