In China, they plan to enter on all sites a mandatory premotency of comments with personality verification

Lost The China Cyberspace Office decided to tighten the laws in force in 2017 governing the activities of users of the World Wide Web. Well, or its parts, reliably covered behind the great Chinese firewall.

All sites with the ability to leave comments, whether forums, social networks and others like them, will oblige messages only after their preliminary verification, including the collection of personal data of the author and their verification. Of course, any dubious posts should be removed with notification of the competent authorities, if there is such a necessity.

The release of Diablo Immortal in China is postponed after a ban in Weibo for criticizing Xi Jinping

While the amendments at the discussion, the department accepts reviews until July 1, so new realities will come not earlier than autumn. And these realities clearly will not appeal to users or resource administrations-imagine how many messages every day appears only in Weibo...


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