Basic play free real -time strategy Stormgate announced. CO from 1V1 interpersonal

Developer Frost Giant Studios announced on June 10 the basic play RTS Stormgate . The compatible platform is PC (Steam).

Stormgate is a real-time strategy game with free basic play. Development staff includes personnel involved in famous RTS titles such as WarCraft III and StarCraft II. In the world view of science fiction and fantasy, campaign missions can be played by solo or cooperative play. It is also possible to fight players around the world in 1V1 and create their own games with editors.

This work has been developed in Unreal Engine 5, so you can enjoy it with 4K image quality. You can witness a magnificent and large-scale battle where hundreds of units unfold on various maps. The user interface is designed to make RTS easier to play, designed to be smooth input and automatically assigned units to groups.

The story will be deployed in the future hundreds of years. Aliens are overflowing from the location of StormGate, and the earth is invaded. Humanity is barely surviving. Earth defenders are getting on a 20-foot (about 6 meters) height, trying to save the world. Players will collect resources, build a base, and conduct a fight while conducting troops.

In this work, it is possible to play with friends in any mode. The campaign mission can be played in cooperative play. In addition, up to 3 players can participate in the open-end co-op mode, and even in the 1V1 match mode, players can have social connections in the tournament system.

In StormGate, you can find your opponent in matchmaking, no matter what skill level you are. You can fight the same level of players around the world in 1V1 competition mode. The company also says that all the tournaments, participation in events, and professional e-sports matches can be all from the game.

It seems that this work is free of charge, and there is no system that will be advantageous by paying an additional fee. Players can make custom missions and mini-games from the editors in the game. It seems that you can create a terrain, create a script, adjust the unit, and publish your map to the community. Collecting data related to your content can help you raise your user-produced content to the next level.

Stormgate will be distributed on Steam for PCs.


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