The Warzone community discusses whether Stims and snapshots need nerfs

Call of Duty Warzone fans always seem to argue when it comes to the popular Battle Royale shooter, and the topic of discussion this week is controversial: snapshot grenades. With players who debate whether they are too overpowering, popular creators of Warzone content 'JGOD ”interfered in the debate to point out that snapshot grenades are simply not popular enough to really be seen as a problem in Warzone.

In response to 'TrueGamedata', who asked whether Snapshot Grenade was to be generated in a similar way to the Ghost Perk, JGOD replied with gross usage statistics that indicate that - although more people use the SnapShot Grenade nowadays - their popularity is not comparable to The heartbeat sensor and stims, two tactical equipment that could be considered equally problematic, is comparable.

JGOD suggests that only about 7 % of the Warzone players actually use the Snapshot Grenade compared to the combined ~ 80 % of the Warzone players who use the Heartbeat sensor and Stims in the game.

If you look at the answers to the original contribution of TrueGamedata, which you can read below, it is clear that the suggestion that snapshot grenades are not popular enough to be a problem has largely come across deaf ears.

Snap shots are currently a big issue. They have been super good for a long time. I really like them when they push a building from motorhomes, but I see how frustrating they are in other situations

What if they worked how ghosts? People only appear when crushed speed or less?

  • ??????????????????????????????????????? (@Truegamedata) 23. May 2022

However, this is not the whole story. A number of the answers do not touch the actual topic at all. Rather, they bring STIMS and the heartbeat sensor into conversation-which indicates that these are both fantastic options for their best Warzone loadouts and overpowering objects that earn a nerf.

If you look at the WZRANKEDEINER, which offers current information about the use of Warzone weapons and average K/D conditions, you will find that JGOD was not far wrong with his claims.

The Snapshot Grenade is used by almost 8 % of the players, with the second highest average K/D from the selection. Interestingly, however, snapshot grenades have the highest profit rate on the page - 3.98 to the 3.76 of Stim and 2.66 by Stun Grenades. Heartbeat Sensor, the most popular tactical equipment, has the fourth best Kill Death ratio and the fourth best victory rate. It seems clear that the changes to the ghost perk have an impact.

she thought her stream was off...

Warzone Season 3 Reloaded is on the way, but Raven software has not made any comments that would indicate that a snapshot Grenades-Nerf comes. So if you hope you hope for a while - we don't know exactly. When you look at the Warzone Meta, it just doesn't seem as if it were causing enough problems to earn one.


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