The 5 best characters from Garena Free Fire

Few games make their own signature on the genus Battle Royale. You survive by selecting players while you escape an ever smaller card. It is a simple concept that Garena free fire is developing with unique characters.

Rather than everyone plays the same John or Jane Doe, choose from a list of unique characters each with their own passive or activated capacity. But of course, this means that some characters have better abilities than others. Let's take a look at five of the best characters from Garena Free Fire.


You would be surprised to see how much the travel speed gives you an advantage over other players. And Joseph has this with a shovel with a bonus movement speed both for the race and the sprint of 10% après it takes damage. It is much more difficult to touch a motion target, and even more when this person uses tactile screen commands.


It's one thing to play with friends and cause a coordinated effort, it's another to be stuck with a bunch of random players. Each of them acts as a silent protagonist. Moco is exactly the kind of character you should play if you often play solo. His hacker’s Eye can mark enemies for two seconds, revealing their position to everyone in the team.


The space is precious in Garena free fire and stock management is crucial. For Paloma, AR ammunition does not take your inventory locations, at least at the maximum rank. It starts at 30 rounds, then gradually adds until you can contain as many AR ammunition as you wish. The perfect character for all those who love RA.


Best Character In Free Fire | Top 5 Best Characters After OB32 Update in Free Fire 2022 This world renowned DJ, Alok, can change the situation, but Seulament if you play with a team that can coordinate and protect it. Its special capacity is Drop The Beat, a five -meter aura which gives the nearby allies a speed of travel bonus of 10% and a regeneration of five HP every five seconds.


Aim and shoot someone immediately marks your position on everyone's cards nearby. It is a dead gift and painted a target on your back. For Rafael, this is not a problem. Dead Silent, his liabilities, gives you eight whole seconds to shoot as you see fit without worrying about your coverage. Please note: it is on a 90 -second charging time.

Shani (honorable mention)

The capacity of Gear Recycle of Shani can certainly be considered one of the best capacities of the game. It is fantastic to be able to regenerate the sustainability of 10 armor each time you kill. However, the second part of his liabilities gives much more incentive to kill by rewarding players an upgrade to better armor if they have already reached their limit. Unfortunately, its liabilities can only be used at its full potential if you can get used to the touch screen controls.


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