"Taiko Ri -Shushiden V DX" Ibecon Apde is scheduled! The correspondence table of sound effects will be released soon

Regarding the lack of some functions and mismatch with the manual regarding the "event converter" (commonly known as Ibecon) of " Taiko Richi -Shiden V DX ", the size is unknown when the GAME*Spark editorial department contacted Koei Tecmo Games. In addition, it turns out that there is an update schedule for "Ibecon".

In the PC version of "Taiko Ritachi Shishiden V DX", as in the previous work "Taiko Ritachi Shiden V" released in 2004, the powerful creative tool "Ibecon" that comes with only the PC version can arrange the game to your liking. Unlike the old version of "Ibecon" in "Taiko Ri -Shushiden V DX", it was impossible to update from the property of money and savings. When I asked if there were plans to improve that point, I got the following answer.

Q. Unlike the old version, is there a plan to improve the fact that it is impossible to update from the property and savings properties?

A. The ones that can be handled in the old work are working on the assumption that they can be used in future updates. Please wait for the update.

Q. Are there any plans to fix the manual for those that are different from the manual notation (actually updated), such as properties of the various abilities of the person (actually updated)?

A. The manual has been revised today (May 23, 2022).

Q. The significant modification of the sound effects that is difficult for users to create a correspondence table can be seen from the old version, but some of the cautions of the change from the old version of the manual are partially supported. Do you plan to add it?

The list of A.SE's name change was not in time, so we plan to update it soon.

Although the question was a relatively detailed part, "Taiko Lady Shishiden V DX" was found to have an update for the "event converter". Perhaps you can expect some Apde in the main body in the future.


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