[PCS6] Guangdong Prix, the first match 'Chicken'… Pleasant start

Guangdong Prix

Guangdong Prix won chicken in the first match of 'PCS6 Asia'.

On the 29th, the Battleground Global E -Sports Competition (PUBG CONTINENTAL SERIES) 6 Asia was held.

PCS6 is an online e -sports competition held in four regions, Asia, Asia Pacific, America, Europe. The 16 teams selected through the qualifiers of each region will hold a total of $ 250,000 per region for 6 days and 30 matches per region for 6 days.

The PCS6 Asia, which includes Korea, will be held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday for two weeks from April 29 to May 8. PWS: Six Korean teams in Phase 1, one team in Taiwan and Japan, and eight China teams decided through the PCL 2022 Spring Playoffs.

The first match magnetic field was formed in the Erangel Dolsan area. At the beginning of the game, Newhae and Dana and Esports fought in Yasunaya Paulyana. Newhae has defeated Dana, Helen, and Rex, and Danawa has been balanced by defeating Newhae 'Nannan' and 'Rex', but Newhae 'Hwan Sun' shows super -play that catches all the rest. Finished.

Since then, Newhae has survived only two people in this battle and was eliminated because of the failure to break through Guangdong Prix.

Gibli Isports and Poin Griman faced outside the 4 phase magnetic field. Gibli 'Rambu' took over the battle with 'Shuru' and 'Shoehai', but he was inadequate because he could not kill 'Longjung'.

Poin Griman entered Dolsan with a big loss, and was not exceeded 17 gaming occupied the highlands, while 17 gaming was handled by Tenu.

EP 2 Guangdong | China Phase 7 Phase Zenji won the global E -Sports Exit, which is located on the middle of Dolsan, to maintain the number of people and win the battle.

The TOP4 survived Guangdong Prix, Zenji, Maru Gaming and Tienu. Zenji, who occupied the Dolsan Highlands, slipped the floor gaming approaching through the vehicle, and summarized the rest of the Tienu, but suffered a loss. Guangdong took 7 kill chickens, not giving Zenji to reorganize.


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