How to get the seventh revolver of officer Séraphin and God Rolls - Destiny 2

The officer's revolver can be obtained by improving the Séraphin bunker on IO at level 3. This will then allow you to obtain a Rasputin bonus which, once finished, will reward you with the officer's revolver. The weapon will fall with a random jet, so you may need to grind the premium to get what you would consider as a God roll.

The revolution officer has the following statistics:

How To Get Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver & God Roll | Destiny 2 Beyond Light * Precision framework * Impact - 78 * Stability - 57 * Range - 25 * Manipulation - 37 * Recharge speed - 54 * Assistance to the aim - 68 * Zoom - 14 * Recoil - 84 * Tours per minute - 180 * Magazine size - 9

If you play in PvP and want a good result for this weapon, you should hope to see when the weapon falls. Smallbore will increase scope and stability, while Tactical Mag will further increase stability, improve the recharging speed and increase the size of the charger. The threat detector will improve maneuverability, stability and recharging speed when enemies are close. The last column is a draw between Feeding Frenzy and Vorpal Weapon. I lean towards Vorpal Weapon just to be able to stop the guards using their super, which is always fun.

For the PVE, it would really be the same thing, because the increase in statistics will greatly contribute to allowing you to shoot or continue to shoot, but for the final advantage, you would probably aim either a vorpal weapon or a timed payload. Vorpal Weapon will work against a boss, while Timed Payload will increase your DPS and should give you an excellent chance to tickle unstoppable enemies, which is a solid bonus.

It is a very funny weapon, but hand cannons at 180 rpm can be very source of division and people will love what they feel or hate them. Although the increase in the rate of shooting is fantastic, the way it feels and the reason for perspective may seem strange if you are not used to it, but it is really worth experiencing.


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