At the end of May, the final stage of the alpha will take place

From May 25 to May 31, the last stage of alpha testing of the multi-user cross-platform MMORPG MAD World will be held. The game will present three new locations, each of which is inhabited by monsters and complex bosses. New dungeons and quest chains will also be added.

Alpha (2018) - Keda Reunited With His Family (ENDING)

As the developers write, this will be the last chance to experience a world crazy. To get to testing, just register on the site and download the client. Although you can play right in the browser, because the game is made on the basis of HTML5. If you have already participated in previous alpha testing sessions, then there is no need to start a new account. Crystals (Donat-Valu) paid in the previous alpha will automatically be credited to the account.


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