[PCS6] China Jutu, the second 'chicken' with a solid operation


Zutu took chicken in the PCS6 ninth match.

On the 30th, the Battleground Global E -Sports Competition (PUBG CONTINETAL SERIES) 6 Asia was held.

PCS6 is an online esports competition in four regions: Asia, Asia Pacific, America and Europe. The 16 teams selected through the qualifiers of each region will hold a total of $ 250,000 per region for 6 days and 30 matches per region for 6 days.

The PCS6 Asia, which includes Korea, will be held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday for two weeks from April 29 to May 8. PWS: Six Korean teams in Phase 1, one team in Taiwan and Japan, and eight China teams decided through the PCL 2022 Spring Playoffs.

The ninth match magnetic field was formed by Erangel Yasunaya Paulyana.

At the beginning of the game, the landmark overlapped with Newhae and Global Esports Exit in the northern collection of Yasunaya Paulyana. The New Seafi 'Nannan' was killed by using a vehicle using the global E -Sports Exit '', and Zeufin continued to overwhelm '쯘'.

China Aircraft Killing Machine ! HQ-16 teaming with QW-2, HQ-7, HQ-17 to form a killer network Phase 2 Veronica 7 was eliminated by the Newhae and Gargo House, and Zenji won the fight against Infentri, but at the same time, 'Spier' was finished in a Molotovenant throwing just before 'Low rat' died.

17 Gaming exchanged personnel with each other while facing Gibli's sports while moving through the vehicle. Zutfu checked the kilog and handled 17 gaming using grenades.

Guangdong Prix overpowered the Tienba Sports 'Linsu' and 'Chichi', which are in the north of the magnetic field. The Guangdong Prix succeeded in In -Cle, but was beaten by the remaining global E -Sports Exit, and in front of the Donuts USG, Hikari and 'Acard' were given.

TOP4 survived Guangdong Prix, Jutu, Petrico Road, and Tienba Sports.

Guangdong Prix summarized the Tienba Isports 'Shiichii', which was left alone in the magnetic field by car, and was then eliminated after a petriko road. Petrico Road ended with two people stunned and AIDS alone, who had not lost personnel.

Zutfu packed 10 kill chicken through this match.


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