Itto sets the final point: Magdeburg wins 5: 4 in Verl

For better start in Paderborn caught the SC Verl. The waiter, at the coach Michel Kniat had brought in comparison to the narrow 2: 3 defeat against Osnabrück Baack for the cortroz diseased at the retina, went through Akono already in the 6th minute in Guide. Magdeburg's Keeper Reimann hurried out from his gateway and was killed from the Verler center-tower ice cold.

The leadership for the cellar turned out but as a wake-up call for Magdeburg. The leader took more and more the command over the game. And the Saxony-Hitchhalter, where Coach Christian Titz had set against the 4: 2 against Viktoria Cologne on Andreas Müller and Conteh instead of Rieckmann and Ceka (both bank), succeeded by the 1-1 compensation (18th).

In the following years, the leader moved to the leadership and developed numerous opportunities, but ATIK (23rd) and Conteh (28th) made the best possibilities for the lead. This then fell after half an hour. After a corner by Atik FCM captain Tobias Müller buggan the ball into the net (33.). Magdeburg remained on the push of the pauses on the pusher, but CONTEH could not take advantage of Thiedes Patzer in the 38th minute, in the 43rd minute, the VERRER launched Key skill against Conteh. So it went "only" with the scarce guidance for Magdeburg in the cabins.

Six goals in half two

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After the side, it did not take long until Magdeburg increased: After a ball gain in the midfield, Condé switched on the Turbo and brought Atik into the game. This dribbled in the penalty area and fitted the ball a bit happy to the five-meter room, where the started condé was the right footpoint (51.).

Anyone who thought that a preliminary decision had fallen in the game was wrong - and huge. Because rather it was the prelude for a last half hour, in which both teams were distributed belonging to Easter gifts. About correspondingly many goals, the 2333 spectators were pleased in Paderborn. But in turn:

First, FCM-Keeper Reimann completely unnecessarily distracted the ball, Lslski kept the right foot and set to 2: 3 from Verler view (59.). Only three minutes later, the substitute Petkov hunted the ball from the distance worth seeing at the right in the stitches - 3: 3 (59.). The SCV could look forward to the settlement but only briefly. Then the defensive in his own sixteen dropped the ball, CEKA stuck through on Obermair, which drilled dry to 4: 3 for Magdeburg (61.). But the same occurred on the other side. Bell Bell failed a clarification attempt complete. The ball fell in front of the feet of Berlinski, who failed in the first attempt to Reimann, in the second but in the sitting of short distance the 4: 4 achieved (65.).

With a draw Magdeburg did not want to be satisfied, Coach Titz brought with Ito a fresh offensive man. And was rewarded for his courage. The Japanese met in the 88th minute after pass from Kwarteng to the 5: 4 for the leader, who did not take the threesome in the detention time out of hand. The victory of the Magdeburger is in the face of the chances in passage one in order, but after two residue in half two a lot of morality proved and had also deserved a point. But on the late neck strike, the cellar knew no answer in this wild and spectacular game.

Verl is demanded at 14 o'clock in Saarbrücken next Saturday, Magdeburg also receives the FSV Zwickau at 2 pm on Sunday.


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