Bloodhunt, tips and tricks to start

The Saga vampire: The Masquerade continues with a newcomer in an unexplored style. A royal battle that puts you orders for a vampire clan whose goal is to eliminate rivals and conquer Prague. But starting in bloodhunt is not always simple, especially with the size of the card and all skills to learn. The game has many aspects that need to know to control its opponents in town.

Choose an archetype in its image

Each clan of bloodhunt consists of one or more archetypes, classes, benefiting from unique capabilities. If some stand out depending on the situation, it's better to feel comfortable with a character's gameplay. Experience the different clans and archetypes during the first parties is therefore quite important. This will allow you to find a class adapted to your game style, and will help you progress more easily.

The choice is between the Ventre clan, Brujah, Nosferatu and Toreador. The first do not leave the choice of archetype and are tanks. At the Brujah, it is the brutal battles that are privileged, always seeking to take advantage of the melee. The Toreador are closer to the suckers, charming their prey to eliminate them, while the Nosfepertu are vicious beings hiding in the shadows.

Make his first steps in Prague

As in all Royal Battle, the beginning of the game is important. If the vampires are not dropped in the heart of Prague here, they have the choice of their place of departure. After all attending them, the best is still to choose one and linger in the first parties. This allows you to easily take possession of the places, understand the architecture, and take part in having the advantage.

But to succeed in its beginning of the game is not a guarantee of victory. All possibilities must be exploited to take advantage over the game, and this goes through verticality. The city takes advantage of modern, often very high buildings, that vampires can easily exploit. Use the verticality of the city to its advantage is the best way to decontenance its opponent and take advantage.

Blood hunt Tips and Tricks: A Beginner's Guide FOR MORE WINS | Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt

However, starting on bloodhunt can be disturbing, so there are elements to understand. Civilians present in the city, for example, are not to be taken lightly. These are your main blood source, and it is better to take advantage of it as much as possible. However, all this must be done in the most total discretion, because if a mortal sees you to act, they will call a vampire brigade, which it is better to flee!

Have a good arsenal for all situations

Obviously, impossible to talk about a royal battle without talking about weapons to recover. If the range of weapons available is more than enough to please everyone, still need to know how to arm themselves effectively. Three locations are dedicated, one for melee weapons and two for any other type of weapon. And since the verticality and the distance are the key word of this game, one of these locations must be reserved for a long distance weapon, like a sniper.

However, many archetypes are able to reduce this distance in no time thanks to their skills. The second weapon to equip should always be a weapon of average, short, scope, to never be surprised. Your skills can also help you in disadvantageous situations elsewhere. But it is especially the communication between you and your allies who will allow you to win the victory.

There are many things to know before trying to take control of Prague. However, once the basics acquired, starting on vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt is much simpler.


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